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thankfulFeeling stressed about the calories to come? Fear not, for there are abundant ways to eat well and to enjoy the food you make this holiday season. From pumpkin soup to apple salad with figs and almonds, there is no shame in indulging in savory and sweet temptations that don’t break the scale. 

Instead of the fatty foods or dishes smothered in butter, why not reinvent Thanksgiving with something that will not only taste good, but promote healthy eating? The Mayo Clinic has several recipes you can try, like their Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup, Honey Glazed Sweet Potatoes, and a Rustic Apple-Cranberry Tart. These recipes pack flavor that is low in fat and sodium. No need to reach for the stretch pants with these healthy meals!

Regardless of your dietary needs, there is something for everyone, like this low carb Broiled Shrimp with Buttermilk Remoulade from CookingLight, or the vegetarian-friendly Beet Hummus with Blue Cheese and Walnuts. The options are endless.  What hors d’oeuvres, main dishes or desserts will you decide to include on your plate this year?  

To explore additional recipes, please explore these options identified by Himmelfarb Library

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The question of how digital technologies can promote health is explored in an editorial by GW faculty Lorien C. Abroms recently published in Health Education and Behavior.  Dr. Abroms and her co-authors discuss the dominance of social media in current culture and the challenge of identifying its positive and negative health effects.

Among the possible approaches to harnessing social media to promote health, they identify collaboration and partnerships between government agencies and social media companies; scholarship to identify and assess positive and negative health effects of social media; and, social media public health campaigns which are rigorously assessed and evaluated.

To better understand the issues surrounding social media and health and to discover options for the way forward, read the full-text article from Himmelfarb Library's collection:

Abroms, L. C., Gold, R. S., & Allegrante, J. P. (2019). Promoting Health on Social Media: The Way Forward. Health education & behavior : the official publication of the Society for Public Health Education, 46(2_suppl), 9–11. doi:10.1177/1090198119879096


Fight the Flu - CDC

Dropping temperatures are a stark reminder that the flu season is upon us. While often overlooked or avoided altogether, many patients do not realize that there are life changing benefits to getting a yearly flu shot. How can you help your patients avoid a life hindering illness - and help protect their friends and family, too?

Have you heard of Ask-Tell-Ask or Ask-Advise-Ask? This model helps practitioners to better understand a patient’s perspective on recommended treatments, like the flu vaccine. It's described in the article How to Talk to Reluctant Patients About the Flu Shot which provides a script and guide on using this method and addressing patient concerns about the vaccine.

The CDC provides some great information on talking to your patients about the flu vaccine.  Check out the CDC's HCP Fight Flu Toolkit to prepare yourself to answer questions that patients and/or parents might ask about the vaccine.  The toolkit provides:

  • Information on the timing and types of influenza vaccinations as how to provide a strong influenza vaccine recommendation to your patients
  • Best practices for increasing flu vaccination rates in your practice
  • Patient education materials including an Appointment Reminder Email Template and social media materials
  • A 'How I recommend' video

RefWorks Legacy & New Proquest RefWorks

It’s time to start thinking about final research projects for Fall 2019, and Himmelfarb Library offers a fantastic tool to help you track your research – RefWorks!

RefWorks is a handy citation tracking tool that allows users to import references, sort them into folders, and share them with other RefWorks users.  Himmelfarb offers two versions of RefWorks: RefWorks Legacy which is terrific for systematic reviews and the new Proquest RefWorks which valued for its Google Docs integration.  Both versions of RefWorks provide a Microsoft Word plug that helps you create in-text citations and a references list.

One of the best features of RefWorks is the ability to easily import references from some of Himmelfarb’s top databases, like PubMed, CINAHL, Scopus, and Health Information @ Himmelfarb. You can even import directly from Google Scholar! You can find instructions on how to do so on our RefWorks Research Guide under “Importing reference into RefWorks.”

RefWorks also supports extensive and personalized organization of your references. You can create your own folders for individual papers, projects, or classes, and sort your references into those folders immediately after importing them.

Once you’ve imported your references, RefWorks helps you generate bibliographies in APA, AMA, and hundreds of other citation styles you may need for publication. If you’ve downloaded Write-N-Cite, you can sync your RefWorks account to Word, and even use it to generate properly formatted in-text citations in your style of choice!

For more information on RefWorks and the support Himmelfarb provides, as well as some handy video tutorials, check out our RefWorks Research Guide.


Are you interested in creating healthy sleep habits, learning more about mindfulness, or learning healthy ways to manage stress? Himmelfarb Library has the right books for you! 

Do you struggle with getting enough quality sleep? Consider one of these books available in the healthy living collection: 

If mindfulness or meditation are more your interest, consider one of the following books:

The holidays can be a stressful time for many people. Learn healthy ways to manage this stress using these books: 


Health Information @ Himmelfarb, the search box on Himmelfarb Library’s home page, has new features for managing results and setting filters to limit results to specific disciplines.  On the brief results page, searchers can now opt to save the top 50 results and send to email, RefWorks, or add the whole group to Favorites. Click the box at the top of the results list to select the items on the page and the option to choose the top 50 results will appear.

Brief results page

Users can also activate the Personalize button at the top of brief results to limit results to a particular set of disciplines.  Clicking the button takes searchers to a list of disciplines to choose:

Disciplines list

Once disciplines are set, searchers have the option to boost newer materials with the Prefer newer material button that appears in Refine Results options to the left.  Searchers can also de-select the disciplines if desired to expand the search.

Results page with newer results displayed first

Health Information @ Himmelfarb has recently been configured to boost the most current five years of content in results.

If you have questions about using Health Information @ Himmelfarb or need assistance with searching, contact us through Ask Us or email

LibKey-Nomad-Blue-Font-1024x190.pngDo you want full-text faster? The LibKey Nomad browser extension can connect you to articles in Himmelfarb Library’s collection wherever you find them – i.e. PubMed, publisher sites, and even Wikipedia.  LibKey Nomad immediately delivers a PDF if available, and will otherwise provide you Himmelfarb full-text and document delivery options.

LibKey Nomad is a Google Chrome browser extension that links you directly to full texts of articles available through Himmelfarb, wherever you find them.   Download LibKey Nomad from the Chrome Web Store page.  After you install the extension, choose ‘George Washington University – Himmelfarb Library’ as your institution, and you’re good to go!

LibKey Nomad functions by looking at the DOI of an article, and matching it to our Himmelfarb holdings. If it finds the DOI among our available resources, it provides a direct download link or a list of full-text options. If it doesn’t find a DOI match in our collections, it then searches an open access knowledge base and if successful provides a PDF download. If LibKey Nomad can’t find the article available through either of those means, it links you to our Health Information @ Himmelfarb discovery system, where you can find alternative access methods like our Documents2Go service.

So what does this mean for patrons? LibKey Nomad makes it easier than ever to access the full text of articles efficiently. If you find an article you want to read on a publisher’s site, you no longer have to go to Himmelfarb, log in, search for it in our collections, and then be linked to full-text access. LibKey Nomad integrates full-text access directly where you find the article.

If you like LibKey Nomad, be sure to check out additional resources from Third Iron such as Browzine.  Browzine gives Himmelfarb users the opportunity to build a bookshelf of favorite journals from Himmelfarb Library’s holdings.  Browzine users are alerted to new articles and issues and can scan issues and read or save articles.

On Tuesday, November 12 from 10-11 a.m., Himmelfarb Library will provide a training session in Covidence, an online tool that manages and facilitates much of the systematic review process.  Covidence is a not-for-profit service working in partnership with the Cochrane Library to improve the production and use of systematic reviews for health and wellbeing.

Covidence supports the screening process (both title/abstract and full-text), creation and population of data extraction forms, and helps complete your risk of bias tables. Covidence allows you to share work among your systematic review team and track the progress of your project.

Himmelfarb Library provides a Covidence Research Guide to help you sign up for an account.  This guide also provides video tutorials to show you what Covidence can do, and how it can be integrated with your systematic review process.

Remember, to join us at the Introduction to Covidence webinar on Tuesday, November 12 from 10-11 a.m. EST.

JAMAevidence has information and tools to support you whether you're working on basic concepts, clinical application, or advanced analysis of evidence-based medicine.  For example, JAMAevidence provides access to:
JAMAevidence provides access to information and tools to identify the best available evidence and to support users in the systematic evaluation of the validity, importance, and applicability of health sciences research.  In addition to full-text access to key books, JAMAevidence gives you:
JAMAevidence is available 24/7 from the Himmelfarb Library’s webpage.  If you have any questions, please contact Laura Abate (


Chef's Station by Todd Quackenbush

As the days grow shorter, we all feel the pull of starchy, heavy foods. Whether this is born of opportunity or a left over biological instinct is up for debate, but studies have shown our caloric intakes increase during colder months.  When you feel the cold-weather munchies coming, consider trying out one of these healthy, warming recipes!

This Comforting & Cozy Fall Power Bowl is vegan and gluten free. Cook the kale and mushrooms in the same pan to cut back on clean up.

Butternut squash is a fall staple. You can make Oven Roasted Butternut Squash by itself, or use the roasted squash as the base for a delicious Roasted Butternut Squash Soup.

For those of us with a love of heat, fall is better known as hatch chile season! Try dressing up this Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili with roasted hatch chiles. If you can’t find hatch chiles, you can always roast your own fresh chiles using one of these techniques. It’s not as hard as it sounds, and is a simple way to dress up any recipe that calls for canned chiles!

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