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Getting to yes: flu shots

Fight the Flu - CDC

Dropping temperatures are a stark reminder that the flu season is upon us. While often overlooked or avoided altogether, many patients do not realize that there are life changing benefits to getting a yearly flu shot. How can you help your patients avoid a life hindering illness - and help protect their friends and family, too?

Have you heard of Ask-Tell-Ask or Ask-Advise-Ask? This model helps practitioners to better understand a patient’s perspective on recommended treatments, like the flu vaccine. It's described in the article How to Talk to Reluctant Patients About the Flu Shot which provides a script and guide on using this method and addressing patient concerns about the vaccine.

The CDC provides some great information on talking to your patients about the flu vaccine.  Check out the CDC's HCP Fight Flu Toolkit to prepare yourself to answer questions that patients and/or parents might ask about the vaccine.  The toolkit provides:

  • Information on the timing and types of influenza vaccinations as how to provide a strong influenza vaccine recommendation to your patients
  • Best practices for increasing flu vaccination rates in your practice
  • Patient education materials including an Appointment Reminder Email Template and social media materials
  • A 'How I recommend' video

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