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lexicompIt’s time to renew (or install) your Lexicomp app!

Lexicomp is a comprehensive clinical drug information app  including Lexi-Drugs, a drug interaction tool, and an extensive library of clinical calculators.  Lexicomp is available both via web access and as an app that you can install on your phone, iPad or other handheld device.

The Lexicomp app is free and Himmelfarb Library’s subscription allows you to install Lexicomp‘s high-quality drug information to your phone, iPad or other handheld device.

Lexicomp App Renewals

  1. Access Lexicomp and click on the link on the right-hand menu for ‘Mobile App Access.’
  2. Select your platform (e.g. iOS or Android) and new or existing account, then make a note of the authorization code provided.
  3. Access and login with your Lexicomp login/password.
  4. In the Subscriptions section, locate Add a Subscription by Code and enter the authorization code.
  5. On your phone/iPad/handheld, open the Lexicomp app and select ‘Update’.

Lexicomp New Users

  1. Access Lexi-Comp and select the right-hand menu for Mobile App Access.
  2. Select the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad platform and that you are a new customer; copy the authorization code displayed in red. You can copy directly from your iPad by holding your finger on the code and selecting copy from the pop-up menu.
  3. Create a personal Lexicomp account then login to your Lexicomp account.
  4. Under Add a Subscription by Code, paste or type the Lexicomp authorization code.  To paste, hold your finger in the desired location and choose Paste from the pop-up menu.
  5. On your iPad, open Lexicomp and login with your Lexicomp login/password; Lexicomp content will automatically load to your iPad.

You can find additional clinical apps on Himmelfarb Library’s App Shelf. Please contact Laura Abate ( with questions.

rwnewOver the past month or so, RefWorks (new) has experienced issues with some of its options for creating in-text citations.  At present, the Google Docs Add-In has been fixed and is working correctly.  WriteNCite for Macs and WriteNCite for PCs are also both working and are the preferred options.  
Here’s the current status of in-text citation options for RefWorks (new):
  • Google add-in: this has been fixed and is working appropriately.

  • RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) is highly problematic and should only be used for Mac Office 2016 users. For Mac Office 2016 users, RefWorks recommends writing the document as unformatted text (i.e. don’t run Track Changes) and creating a second document for tables, images, etc. After you’ve finished using Reference Citation Manager, create a document which combines the text and other materials and uses document templates, if needed.

  • WriteNCite for Mac: functional; available if users still have Word 2011.

  • WriteNCite for PCs : functional (works with most modern versions of Office including 2016)

  • QuickCite works but the user must manage the in-text citations so not useful for numbered citation styles – e.g. AMA

For RefWorks (legacy), WriteNCite for Macs and PCs is functional.  One Line/Cite is also functional works for Mac Office 2016 users.

We will continue to track these issues and will provide additional information as the issues are addressed.

gwresearch days

Are you presenting at GW Research Day 2018 or at a professional conference?

Sign up for an upcoming GW Research Day Workshop to learn tips and best practices on how to create an effective scientific poster.

Research Day Workshop Date Time/Location Register
Creating Effective Posters: Design, Layout & Content   Mon, March 12 Time: 2pm-3pm
Location: Ross Hall/Room #402
Link, Share, Publicize your Poster Tue, March 27 Time: 12pm-1pm
Location: Ross Hall/Room #402
Show Off Your Data! Create Effective Graphs, Pie Charts and Tables Thu, March 29 Time: 12pm-1pm
Location: Ross Hall/Room #402
Hands-On Research Day Poster Feedback Mon April 2 Time: 12pm-1pm
Location: Himmelfarb Library 1st floor
How to Present Your Poster and Wow Judges! Thu, April 5 Time: 12pm-1pm
Location: Ross Hall/Room #402

More information and resources for GW REsearch Days are available via the GW Research Day Guide.


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