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dmplusOn July 1, DynaMed interface will be updated with a sleeker look and improved functionality.  The new interface is called DynaMed Plus and includes:

  • Overviews and Recommendations provide concise, accurate overviews for the most common conditions as well as evidence-based recommendations for action.
  • Micromedex® Clinical Knowledge Suite drug content includes medication management and lab recommendations, including IV screening, medication advisory screening and summary drug information.
  • Graphics and Images comprise more than 2,500 medical graphics and images with over 1000 images from the American College of Physicians.
  • Improved search results are due to a redesign from the ground up, focused on time-to-answer for the busy clinician.
  • Mobile-Optimized Access provides interface customized to the screen size of your phone or mobile device.

Alongside, DynaMed Plus’s improved interface, users can still rely on DynaMed’s core features including:

  • Daily Updates - New evidence is added to DynaMed Plus multiple times each day, ensuring you always have the most current information.
  • Expert Reviewers - subject-specific experts who review topics using the DynaMed Plus proprietary 7 Step EBM Process and the 9-Step Quality Process for creating content.
  • Specialty Content - a wide array of specialty topics in areas such as infectious disease and immunology, cardiology, oncology and emergency medicine.
  • DynaMed Plus App - Users can install DynaMed Plus content to their phone or handheld device to have guaranteed access to DynaMed’s evidence-based content even in areas without phone or wifi service.

medications-342484_960_720The challenges and promise of drugs which work (or don't) based on a patient's genetic make-up is is discussed in an article recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine.   GW faculty Shawneequa Callier and her co-authors describe the market forces and recent litigation which is shaping personalized medicine in this article:
Bonham, V. L., Callier, S. L., & Royal, C. D. (2016). Will Precision Medicine Move Us beyond Race?. The New England journal of medicine, 374(21), 2003.
You can read the full-text article as part of Himmelfarb Library's online collection and find this article and additional publications in the Dr. Charles Macri's Genetics Journal Club.

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