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Peg Barratt’s trip to Mongolia postponed, but Japan adventures will continue!

UPDATE 3/22/20: As advised by the US State Department, Dr. Barratt has returned home to the US from Japan. Welcome back and stay safe!

We hope that everyone and their families are safe and well. An update from Dr. Peg Barratt from Japan:


"Imprudent to go to Korea or China. Mongolia has sent home all non-essential personnel employed by the Embassy, including Peace Corps volunteers. I have been "uninvited" for the Fulbright. So we are staying in Japan, sightseeing outdoors -- Shrines, Temples, and plum blossoms. Baseball is being played without fans. Sumo is cancelled; museums are closed; tourists are almost absent; bunraku (Japanese puppets that inspired Jim Henson) is cancelled. Schools are closed.

We are hiking, and planning some serious hiking.

Even in the rain Japan is amazing.

For one thousand years
Crossing the Oji river
On wooden pylons"

Dr. Barratt will be updating on her Japan adventures through blog site:

Our thoughts are with our Psychological and Brain Sciences community during this uncertain time. We'll get through this together. Take good care of yourselves and your loved ones.

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