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Dr. Stephen Mitroff’s undergraduate course called “Science in the District” focuses on how cognitive psychology research plays a role in many real-world professions. Last semester FABBS (Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences) joined Dr. Mitroff and the students on several trips around DC and has produced a series of short videos that highlight how cognitive science can be used to benefit society. The 1st video, which focuses on aviation security, is out! You can see more details (and the video) here:

Thanks to American Psychological Association for hosting students enrolled in Dr. Christina Gee's clinical psychology course.  Students listened to speakers from several different directorates within APA, including Clinical Psychology Ph.D. alums, Dr. Tiffany Townsend (Senior Director of the Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs) and Dr. Chris Nettles (Project Director of the Integrated Health Care Alliance).

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