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The George Washington University Psychology Department seeks to advance the science and practice of psychology through research and its dissemination, and to provide outstanding education and training to undergraduate and doctoral students. The faculty encourages a scientist/applied approach to psychology, achieved through research and coursework that emphasize psychological knowledge, theories and methods, and apply psychological science to important issues individuals, communities and society face.

Psychology is one of the largest undergraduate programs in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences with respect to the number of declared majors. In addition, the department awards approximately 10 PhD degrees each year through its doctoral programs. At all levels of instruction, the educational programs make extensive use of and focus upon the Washington, D.C. area's many and varied resources.

John Philbeck has been the chair of the department since July 2018. Dr. Philbeck is a cognitive neuroscientist who studies visual space perception, spatial cognition and navigation.

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If you're interested in applying to one of the Ph.D. programs in Psychology, please see: