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GWU Summer Institute – The Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness

3rd Annual Department of Psychology Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience

Dates:  10-week session: May 21-July 28, 2018

What is consciousness and how does it arise in the brain? The Department of Psychology's summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience will offer students an opportunity to answer these questions. We will explore the role of brain rhythms in states of awareness, drugs as windows into the mind, and the foundations of the self in memory and ethical behavior in theory of mind. Our curriculum will include classroom-based courses, a research practicum, field trips to imaging and brain stimulation labs, and guest lecturers from cutting edge workers in the field. The curriculum will satisfy all of the departmental requirements in cognitive neuroscience in a synergistic supportive manner. In addition, the curriculum can be tailored to meet the needs of students interested in graduate study in cognitive neuroscience, medicine, or clinical psychology. Students with a particular interest in cognitive neuroscience research will learn to program their own experiments. The curriculum will satisfy 2/3 of the requirements for special honors in psychology and ¾ of the requirements for a concentration in cognitive neuroscience. All courses will count toward the psychology major and CCAS requirements.

Institute Directors:   Stephen Dopkins and Carol Sigelman

Course titles

1)         Psyc 3122 Cognitive Neuroscience, 3 credits

2)         Psyc 3199 Current Topics: Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness, 3 credits

3)         Psyc 4106W Laboratory in Sensation and Perception, 4 credits

4)         Psyc 4591 Independent Research (with Department of Psychology faculty members, by arrangement with the institute director), 3 credits

Students are encouraged to take all four courses in the institute. Students are required to take Psyc 3199, 4591, and either 3122 or 4106W.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost to students for three or all four courses in the institute will reflect a 35% discount on the 2018 posted tuition rate. Financial aid may be available through certain non-federal student loans. This discounted program may be especially beneficial for students who wish to reduce overall tuition costs, graduate a semester early, and/or take a semester abroad.


Inquiries for application materials should be directed to Stephen Dopkins via e-mail (

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