Below is the schedule of presentations and discussions for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Fall 2014

Date  Speaker  Topic
November 26
Duques Hall
Rm 451 10am-12pm
Karl Mueller,
Stuart Umpleby,
Mark Notturno
Second Order Science: Three Perspectives
(audio)  (video)     (Mueller pic)
(Mueller Slides) (Umpleby pic) (Umpleby Slides)  (Notturno pic)
December 2
Duques Hall
Rm 225 10am-12pm
Sara Cobb Intractbility and Meaning Making: Narratives as A Dynamical System in Conflict Processes (slides)

Spring 2015

Date  Speaker  Topic
January 27
Duques Hall
Rm 553 10am-12pm
William E. Smith PhD  

Understanding and Utilizing Our Power to Address the Greatest Issues We Face: A Natural Systems Perspective

February 11
Duques Hall
Rm 453 10am-12pm
Marilyn Merritt Toward Understanding Academic Systems of Knowledge: Consider Erving Goffman, 20th century social scientist and model of interdisciplinary influence
March 24
Duques Hall
Rm 553 10am-12pm
David Apgar The False Promise of Big Data (paper)
May 13
Duques Hall
Rm 255 10am-12pm
Bob Knisely From Castle To Chessboard (video 1) (video 2(Knisely Slides) (website) (Design & Thinking Official Trailer) (paper)