Articles on Service-Learning

Below is a list of articles related to service-learning or student group projects. The student projects were part of courses at the George Washington University.


Maffucci, Jacqueline, “Editor’s Comments” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Service Learning as a Method of Instruction” (Paper)

Ryder, Phyllis, “Preparing ‘Academic Citizens:’ Service-Learning in Research Universities” (Paper)

Preradovic, Nives, “Service-Learning in Croatia and the Region: Progress, Obstacles and Solutions” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart and Nikola Levkov, “How Service Learning is conducted in a School of Business”(Corrected version) (Published version)

Stuart Umpleby, Konstantin Mekhonoshin and Zhelyu Vladimirov, “A Global University for a Global Village” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart and Gabriela Rakicevik, “Adopting Service-Learning in Universities around the World.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart, “How Graduate Students in Management do Projects with Local and International Organizations.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, and Pavel Makeyenko, “Using Email in International Student Group Projects.” (Paper)


Umpleby, Stuart and Svitlana Shandruk, “Transforming the Global University System into a Resource for Social Improvement.” (Paper)