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Below are some recent papers by members of the Research Program. There are also assembled abstracts arranged by academic year. For older papers, look here.



Umpleby, Stuart. “My Work with the Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart. “How Cybernetics is Contributing to Traditional Disciplines” (Slides) (Video)

Umpleby, Stuart. “Systems, Cybernetics and Complexity: Advancing the Systems Movement” (Slides)



Umpleby, Stuart. “2018 Annual Report on the Activities of the International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences” (Paper) (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart. “Reflexivity in Social Systems: The Theories of George Soros” (Paper) (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart. “Identifying Stability or Instability in Economic Systems” (Paper) (Slides)

Bricage, Pierre. “A Systemic Vision of the Crises” European Union for Systemics, Brussels, Belgium, Oct. 15-17, 2018. (Abstracts)

Umpleby, Stuart. “Philosophies Underlying Systems and Cybernetics in Several Countries” (Slides)

Metcalf, Gary S. and Stuart A. Umpleby. “Rating and Ranking Universities, What Criteria are most Aligned with Creating T-Shaped Faculty and Students?” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart. “A Global Strategy for Human Development: Another Way to do Social Science Research” (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart. “New Horizons for Second Order Cybernetics: Introducing a Book Edited by Alexander Riegler, Karl H. Mueller and Stuart Umpleby” (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart. “Expanding Science and Advancing Reflexive Government: Two Current Projects in Cybernetics” (Paper) (Russian)

Umpleby, Stuart. “The Friendly Orange Glow” (Book Review)

Umpleby, Stuart, Tatiana A. Medvedeva and Vladimir E. Lepskiy. “Recent Developments in Cybernetics, from Cognition to Social Systems” (Paper)



Umpleby, Stuart. “Third Order Cybernetics as the Evolution of Society” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart. “Expanding the Conception of Science in Accord with the Correspondence Principle” (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart, Papers submitted to the National Academy of Sciences Decadal Survey of the Social Sciences

“Reconsidering Cybernetics” (Paper 1)

“Action Research” (Paper 2)

“Two Systems of Ethical Cognition” (Paper 3)

Stuart A. Umpleby. “Creating a Science of Purposeful Systems” (Paper)

Stuart Umpleby, Xiao-hui Wu, Elise Hughes. “Advances in Cybernetics Provide a Foundation for the Future” (Paper) (Updated List February 2019)

Umpleby, Stuart. “How Science is Changing.” (Paper) (German)

Alexander Riegler, Karl H. Mueller, & Stuart A. Umpleby (eds.). New Horizons for Second Order Cybernetics. World Scientific. (Book)

Kauffman, Louis and Stuart Umpleby, “Prologue:  A Brief History of (Second Order) Cybernetics” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart A. “Second Order Cybernetics as a Fundamental Revolution in Science.”  (Paper or Paper)

Karl H. Müller, Stuart Umpleby & Alexander Riegler. “Epilogue:  Possible Futures for Cybernetics.” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart. “Systemic Solutions for Systemic Problems.”  (Paper) (Published)

Umpleby, Stuart. “Reflections on Systemic Problems and Solutions.”  (Paper)



Umpleby, Stuart, “Second Order Cybernetics as a Fundamental Revolution in Science” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Vladimir Lefebvre’s Theory of Two Systems of Ethical Cognition”(Paper) (Slides) (Video)

Umpleby, Stuart and Elise Hughes, “Recent Books on Cybernetics by the Author’s Country of Origin” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Reviving the American Society for Cybernetics, 1980-1982”  (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “A Global Strategy for Human Development as an Example of Second Order Science” (Paper) (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Author’s response: Struggling to define an identity for second-order cybernetics



Umpleby, Stuart,  “How cybernetics ‘ended’ in the U.S. but continued elsewhere”  (Book Review)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Cybernetics: A Foundational Scientific Field” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Intellectual Washington Today” (Paper)

Medvedev, Tatiana and Stuart Umpleby,  “A Multi disciplinary View of Social and Labor Relations: Changes in Management in the U.S. and Russia as Examples” (Paper)



Umpleby, Stuart, “Second Order Science: Logic, Strategies, Methods” (Paper) (Video)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Identifying a Philosophy and Methods for Second-Order Science” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “The Social and Political Context of Science” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “The Role of Cybernetics in Security Policy” (Paper)



Umpleby, Stuart, “Second Order Cybernetics Then and Now ”  (Abstract) (Slides) (Video) (pic1pic2pic3pic4pic5);

Umpleby, Stuart, “Second Order Science: The Effect on Business and Social Science Research” (Abstract) (Slides)

Umpleby, Stuart, “A General Theory of Regulation: Implications for Science Policy and Educational Policy” (Abstract) (Slides)



Umpleby, Stuart, “A Second Expansion of Science” (Slides) (Audio lecture)

Stuart Umpleby, Jerry Chandler, Allenna Leonard, Michael Lissack, Helmut Loeckenhoff, Tatiana Medvedeva, Leonie Solomons, “Science II: A Report from the 2012 IFSR Conversation” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Service Learning as a Method of Instruction” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Second Order Science: Logic, Strategies, Methods” (Abstract) (Slides) (Video)



Igor Dubina and Stuart Umpleby, “A Quality Improvement Approach to Assessing an Organization’s Climate for Creativity and Innovation ” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “Second Order Economics as an Example of Second Order Cybernetics” (Paper) (Slides)

Mark Notturno, Ieva Notturno, Igor Dubina, Rita Gevorgyan, Ia Jimshitashvili, Edgar Marzpanyan, Tatiana Medvedeva, Ia Natsvlishvili, Oltion Rrumbullaku, Gulmira Yeshmuratova, “The Future of Higher Education in Post Communist States: Policy Possibilities for Public Discussion” (Report)



Umpleby, Stuart, “Science 2:  Is a Broader Conception of Science Still Science?” (Paper)

Frank Anbari, Erzhen Khilkhanova, Maria Romanova, Mateo Ruggia, Han-Huei Tsay and Stuart Umpleby, “Cultural Differences in Projects” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “From Complexity to Reflexivity: The Next Step in the Systems Sciences” (Paper)

Umpleby, Stuart, “The 2008 Financial Crisis: What Happened and How We Need to Change our Thinking” (Paper)

Elizabeth Corona and Bradley Thomas, “A New Perspective on the Early History of the American Society for Cybernetics” (Paper)

Mark Notturno, Ieva Notturno, Ekaterine Bakaradze, Zlatko Bezovski, Perseta Grabova, Alkida Hasaj, Ana Jurcic, Marsel Kalemi, Ia Natsvlishvili and Ruzica Simic, “Teaching Methods: Policy Possibilities for Public Discussion” (Paper)

Stuart Umpleby, Min Cho, Mateo Ruggia and Arjan Qefalia, “The Shift of Cybernetics from the U.S. to Europe: Implications for Understanding the Financial Crisis” (Paper)


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