Visiting Scholars Program

The Research Program in Social and Organizational Learning at The George Washington University hosts visiting scholars from other countries. Most of the visiting scholars have come from the former Soviet Union and the former Yugoslavia under several programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. These scholars improve their knowledge of the Western literature in their fields and experience American teaching methods. Also, we introduce them to group facilitation and process improvement methods, since we believe these methods will make them more effective in introducing changes in their home universities. For a description of the goals of the Junior Faculty Development Program, click here.

Each visiting scholar is assigned a faculty member who acts as his or her mentor. We have created a list of on-line resources for the scholars. We have also created maps and graphs of the countries that past scholars have come from. For news about what the scholars have been doing since returning home, click here.

Visiting Scholars by Decade




Visiting Scholars by Country

Table of All Countries

Albania Armenia Austria Azerbaijan
Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria China
Croatia Egypt Georgia Germany
Italy Japan Kazakstan Kosovo
Kyrgyzstan Macedonia Montenegro Russia
Serbia Switzerland Tajikistan Turkmenistan
Ukraine Uzbekistan



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