Reference Links

Below are useful links for furthering knowledge on service-learning.

Campus Compact 

The Campus Compact is an agreement whereby a university president publicly commits his institution to the service-learning method.

Corporation for National and Community Service

The Corporation for National and Community Service is linked with Learn and Serve America.  Their website is dedicated to informing the public about service learning through the use of programs, individuals, and organizations.  The website contains up to date news stories about service learning and emphasizes the need for community service outreach.

Learn and Serve America: National Service Learning Clearinghouse

This website is “America’s Most Comprehensive Service Learning Resource”. It contains general information about service learning and offers links to service projects in your area. This site also contains a section that allows you to post your own service learning project to promote your initiatives, along with providing links to service learning related news and stories.

National Service Learning Partnership

The National Service Learning Partnership is an organization that is dedicated to integrating service learning into every youth education program.  The organization consists of a large member pool that works to incorporate service learning into the education system through the use of teaching resources and policy changes.

National Youth Leadership Council

The National Youth Leadership Council is an organization geared towards uniting youth with their communities through service learning projects to better educate and motivate young people.  This organization uses workshops, conferences, and projects on service learning to empower young people to better themselves and their communities through education and leadership.

New Horizons for Learning service.htm

This website is an educational resource for teaching and learning strategies.  The site offers general information about service learning along with links to related articles and additional readings.