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"I'm proud to be first gen-because: I'm carving the path for my sisters to attend college as well."

First-generation students are an incredible asset to our community.  The George Washington University (or any other university for that matter) would not be as dynamic, diverse, or resilient without them.  First-generation students bring a unique perspective and unmatched strength to campus.  First-generation students attend the same classes as traditional students, live in the same residence halls, are perhaps in the same clubs or internships, study in similar places, but the first-generation experience is admittedly a bit different than their peers. ...continue reading Celebrating First-Generation Students Today and Every Day

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The Center for Student Engagement (CSE) is committed to transforming the student experience and empowering students through leadership, advising and community building. After testing a few pilot programs to support first-generation students in the 2015-2016 year, staff in GW’s Center for Student Engagement launched a portfolio of programs for first-gen students in the 2016-2017 academic year.  GW’s definition for first-generation students is aligned with the Common Application definition: an individual neither of whose parents completed a bachelor’s degree.  Staff in the CSE support first-generation student success and believe there are simple measures that can be taken to provide this population with support that will positively impact their retention and make a difference in their student experience. ...continue reading Programs for First-Generation Students at GW

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Recently staff from GW’s Center for Student Engagement and Mental Health Services presented at the Active Minds Conference in Washington, D.C.,  about the benefits of integrated services between outdoor adventure programs and university counseling. Below are highlights from the presentation. ...continue reading Mental Health and the Outdoors

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After a major renovation incorporating and expanding three existing buildings, GW opened District House in August 2016. District House is a 900-bed residence hall that offers communal spaces and retail dining on its lower two levels. The lower two levels of student space and retail dining are open to the public and managed by the Center for Student Engagement. The first year managing the District House communal space, which includes bookable conference rooms, modular furniture, a dance studio, a bike storage room, and a student food pantry, was by all accounts a success. The number of bookings, the amount of time the spaces were in use, the number of individuals and organizations impacted, and the caliber of experience offered to clients all show positive outcomes upon review. ...continue reading District Downstairs Year One Usage

In the CSE, we often present trainings and workshops for which we write curriculum. In order to learn how to write better, more intentional curriculum, Kaitlyn Schmitt attended the ACPA Program Design School in Dupont Circle on September 12-13, 2017. This two-day event, led by Erin Fischer of The Leadership and Training Studio, focused on improving curriculum-writing skills for both task-related curriculum and competency- or soft skills-based curriculum. The event was targeted for leadership development educators and professionals who write curriculum for training. ...continue reading Better Curriculum from Program Design School

In April 2017, 259 student leaders responded to the Student Organization Resources Evaluation survey. The Center for Student Engagement (CSE) used that data to make improvements to resources for student organizations, including online resources, advising, and the Excellence in Leadership Seminar (ELS). ...continue reading Student Organization Resources Evaluation Results

This blog has been created so the Center for Student Engagement and its staff can share news, updates, and insights into our field and the GW student experience.  Pieces will come from every level of our staff and will give everyone an opportunity to present their perspectives, passions, and ideas.  Posts will go up on a weekly basis and will be shared broadly so I hope you will take the time to read what our team has to say each week.

Tim Miller, Associate Dean of Students