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by Charlotte McLoud (

The best advice I ever received from a professor in graduate school was, “Find a space to call home in the profession.  The work that we do is not easy; home will keep you grounded”. As my professional journey leads me to and through various opportunities, projects, institutions, and challenges, engaging with like-minded educators have been essential to my success and well-being.  ACPA has been that place for me. Here are six reasons why:

1. Pre-Convention Sessions

While pre-convention sessions are not unique to ACPA, they have definitely added significant value to my conference experience.  Pre-Convention sessions are typically daylong or half-day workshops dedicated to discussing best policies, guiding philosophies, and campus implications of a particular topic.  In past years, I received my Mental Health First Aid program certification, as well as attended a session about Title IX compliance and interpersonal education. If you are looking for a jump-start to your conference experience, check out the pre-convention sessions offered! ...continue reading "Livin’ My Best Life: 6 Things I Love about ACPA"

Seven CSE staff members offer reflections on their experiences at the Virginia Student Services Conference, held in Wintergreen, VA on November 15-17, 2017.

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by Tim Miller (

The first time I went to Wintergreen for the Virginia Student Services Conference (VSSC) was in the fall of 1998.  I was a full time staff member in the student union at James Madison University as well as a part-time graduate student and I was given the opportunity to go to the conference as part of my Master’s Program.  I attended in ’98 and ’99 and really connected with the feel of the conference and being “On the Mountain” with colleagues from across VA.  I remember the fun of staying in that environment and everything I was able to learn from people who had been in the field for a very long time.

Several years ago, I decided to bring a team from GW - or “the invaders from the North” as I called us.  I was immediately reminded why I loved VSSC once I got off the main roads and was driving on Route 29 through central Virginia and then once we started up the mountain I knew it was a good idea to return to VSSC.  We have brought a good mix of people every year since (aside from one year when we missed the conference).

VSSC gives people a chance to take a break, present to incredibly receptive and supportive colleagues, network with individuals from the area, and find ways to grow outside of our DC bubble.  I hope we will continue to be a part of VSSC for years to come and more GW community members can find their home there as well.

...continue reading "VSSC: New Ideas, Skills, and Relationships"

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