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by Brittany Abraham (
"I'm proud to be first gen-because: I'm carving the path for my sisters to attend college as well."

First-generation students are an incredible asset to our community.  The George Washington University (or any other university for that matter) would not be as dynamic, diverse, or resilient without them.  First-generation students bring a unique perspective and unmatched strength to campus.  First-generation students attend the same classes as traditional students, live in the same residence halls, are perhaps in the same clubs or internships, study in similar places, but the first-generation experience is admittedly a bit different than their peers. ...continue reading "Celebrating First-Generation Students Today and Every Day"

This blog has been created so the Center for Student Engagement and its staff can share news, updates, and insights into our field and the GW student experience.  Pieces will come from every level of our staff and will give everyone an opportunity to present their perspectives, passions, and ideas.  Posts will go up on a weekly basis and will be shared broadly so I hope you will take the time to read what our team has to say each week.

Tim Miller, Associate Dean of Students

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