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by Thomas Germain (

As international student enrollment continues to increase every year, higher education institutions in America are continuously challenged to design initiatives and programs to support this student population. With more than 4,000 international students enrolled, the George Washington University has risen to this challenge. Within the Center for Student Engagement (CSE), the Community Support and Leadership (CSL) team aims to support international students through advising, orientation sessions, and community building efforts.

In 2017, after an in-depth analysis of market basket institutions and a review of GW international student assessment data, the CSL team found two key issues reported by students: ...continue reading "GW International Connections: Increasing Integration and Retention"

Seven CSE staff members offer reflections on their experiences at the Virginia Student Services Conference, held in Wintergreen, VA on November 15-17, 2017.

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by Tim Miller (

The first time I went to Wintergreen for the Virginia Student Services Conference (VSSC) was in the fall of 1998.  I was a full time staff member in the student union at James Madison University as well as a part-time graduate student and I was given the opportunity to go to the conference as part of my Master’s Program.  I attended in ’98 and ’99 and really connected with the feel of the conference and being “On the Mountain” with colleagues from across VA.  I remember the fun of staying in that environment and everything I was able to learn from people who had been in the field for a very long time.

Several years ago, I decided to bring a team from GW - or “the invaders from the North” as I called us.  I was immediately reminded why I loved VSSC once I got off the main roads and was driving on Route 29 through central Virginia and then once we started up the mountain I knew it was a good idea to return to VSSC.  We have brought a good mix of people every year since (aside from one year when we missed the conference).

VSSC gives people a chance to take a break, present to incredibly receptive and supportive colleagues, network with individuals from the area, and find ways to grow outside of our DC bubble.  I hope we will continue to be a part of VSSC for years to come and more GW community members can find their home there as well.

...continue reading "VSSC: New Ideas, Skills, and Relationships"

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