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by Maria Silva ( and Ty Miranda (

In fall 2017, the Mount Vernon Campus conducted a survey to evaluate student satisfaction on campus. Students were surveyed over five days about Mount Vernon campus resources. For each day, surveyors polled participants in five different locations across the Mount Vernon Campus:  Eckles Library, the Academic Building, West Hall, Somers Hall, Ames, and the central campus Quad. In addition, respondents were offered popcorn in exchange for their time and the individually collected responses were all anonymous. ...continue reading "The Mount Vernon Campus Student Experience"

by Kaitlyn Schmitt (

When I was a new professional, I never expected to have an impact on the whole field of campus activities. Of course I hoped to influence my campus and its students, and I always planned to get involved in a professional association. Although, I didn’t really know what that meant or how to do it; I only knew that my professors, supervisors, and mentors all recommended getting involved professionally.

Fast forward seven years to 2018. I’ve held several volunteer roles with the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), and I currently am serving as the Chair for the Education Advisory Group (EAG), a set of 8 professionals from across the country who provide guidance on the educational priorities of the association. That means I work directly with NACA’s Director for Education and Research and other national office staff on the association’s professional development offerings. In my time on the EAG, we’ve advised on a variety of topics, including webinars, podcasts, conferences, and marketing opportunities. We conducted focus groups of members to better understand the professional development needs of the association. I developed a rubric for reviewing submissions for educational sessions to improve the quality and consistency of educational sessions at conferences, and I am currently leading the effort to update the NACA competencies for campus activities professionals. ...continue reading "Influencing the Field of Campus Activities through Volunteering with NACA"

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