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Welcome to the digital townhouse! You can find a text version of this video here, and you can find more information about Townhouse Tokens here.

(Also, please forgive my enormous volume variability in that video. Highly recommend low volume and captions on.)

Official UHP Messages on COVID-19

Riddle of the Day (5/1)

To most, I am a mystery
Hidden ‘tween letters H and G
Bring me your vessels
And to you I’ll spill my Tea.
What am I?

To give your answer to the riddle, click here!

Contest of the Week 4/20

This week’s contest is a artistic re-creation contest!

To read more about the contest, read the submission guidelines, and find last week’s winners: click here.


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Peer Advisor Wisdom

Advice from the (Peer) Advisors: Some Things I’ve Been Nerding Out On

Check out the following delightful list of just random fun things former Peer Advisor and student staff Meaghan Gallagher has been nerding out on! If you’re looking for a non-COVID-19 related post, welcome. If COVID-19 is consuming your mind and you want to feel...

Advice from the (Peer) Advisors: Self-Care in Quarantine

Check out the following self-care tips from Peer Advisor Sydni! UHPers, we’re living in some very unnerving times. Quarantining at home sure wasn’t how I planned on spending the next few weeks, and I’m pretty certain you might feel the same way, but as a peer advisor...

It’s Okay to Hit Mute: A Guide to Staying Mentally Healthy in This Strange Age

Check out the following wisdom from Peer Advisor Ryan! Currently, there are 112 words on my muted words list on Twitter. I know that number seems rather high, but allow me to explain. In these strange, strange times in which we’re living, there is no shortage of...

Discussion Posts

Happy World Book Day!

Hey! It’s World Book Day. What are you reading? I’ve decided to finally dive into my growing Steinbeck collection that I have for some reason. Share!

To Watch or not to Watch? (obviously to Watch)

Hey folks, I imagine that many of you, like me, find you have more time on your hands than you have had in quite a while. And what better way to spend it than on one of the plethora of streaming services available to us these days? So, I am on the hunt for some good...

Discussion: How to fill my time and stomach

Hi. All in all … I’m quite bored. I love my parents but everyone working from home + to chilly Boston “spring” temperatures = me going a little stir crazy. So, I’ve been trying out some new recipes to pass the time and make use of my...

Discussion: Mario Kart

Hi. So I’ve been playing an ungodly amount of Mario Kart on my DS that I found in the pit of garbage in my room that I haven’t properly cleaned since graduation. In that pit is also the DS charger that I am in desperate need of but can’t be bothered...

Digital Townhouse Discussion Forums (Fora?)

via GIPHY Miss the beautiful feeling of sitting in the townhouse and talking about everything and nothing? Well we can’t necessarily recreate that virtually…but we can certainly try our bests! And we are indeed going to do so. We are opening up the blog...

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