Digital Townhouse Project Video Transcript

Ladies, Gentlemen, UHPers of all gender identities, I present to you: the digital townhouse project!

Below, you will find a plethora, a mulititude of different ways of engaging in community during this time. We will have events: a trivia night, a game night, Eydie’s gonna host a cooking show (trust me, you want to learn to cook like Eydie). None of those are scheduled yet, but stay tuned!

We’ve got a buddy system you can sign up for, to be assigned a buddy and you can check in with each other on a regular basis

We’ve got The Review, our UHP book club, which is going virtual with a Goodreads account and hopefully a virtual book club discussion event!

And we’ve got contests. We’ll have a weekly contest, and then a daily riddle, in which you will be rewarded for the first correct answer and the most creative wrong answer.

Rewarded, you say? Rewarded with what? Well, welcome to the Townhouse Tokens system! You will earn tokens through contests and such, and then can redeem them for various prizes—merch for smaller amounts of tokens, mugs, shirts, and all that sort of thing. Free attendance at a UHP event or free lunch with a UHP staff member for a. And if you win 15 tokens, the maximum amount available, (for an individual, there are more available for the community…it doesn’t matter), you will be designated the envious title of Townhouse Paragon and honored in the NewsFlash.

I need to cut my hair.

It’s not just contests that will earn you tokens, by the way! You can also earn tokens by participating in discussion on the blog or the Facebook page—the first discussion post each week on each platform to get three independent replies gets it’s poster token!

Further, dear UHPers, I have caved to the demands of the people. And the UHP now has a TikTok account. To my knowledge, haven’t posted anything there yet, but you know who can submit things for it? You! The UHP public! You’ll find all the information below.

Finally, do you have any other suggestions? Or do you want to run an event for this? Fill out our poll at the bottom of this page and let us know—we want to hear from you!

Alrighty, that’s it for me. Have a wonderful day. And stay in community! And wash your hands.

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