Contest of the Week 4/13: Short Stories!


This week, we are hosting a VERY SHORT STORY contest! I would like you to write short stories of 200 words or less following the following prompt:

“While doing a quarantine cleaning of your childhood bedroom, you stumble upon something you had forgotten long ago, and it changes your life in ways you could not possibly have imagined.”

The genre on this can be literally anything– high fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, horror…(just keep things relatively PG, this is an official school platform after all!). You can comment it below or send one in to! Excited to see what you submit!


Last week’s contest was a limerick contest, and the winner is ETHAN GOLDBLATT with the following limerick!

There once was a digger named Gary
who most people found quite scary
but if you’d go and check-in
he’d greet you with a grin
then you’d be the next one that he’d bury.

Congratulations Ethan!

1 thought on “Contest of the Week 4/13: Short Stories!

  1. Matt O

    One otherwise inconspicuous Wednesday, Jacky is cleaning out her childhood bedroom. She’s basically just throwing all her childhood memories into a big black trash bag, because, you know, who needs them anymore when you’re in college, right? So in go her beloved stuffed animals, her soccer trophies, her prom photos, and so on. But then, she comes across something really, really sentimental for her – a self-portrait her grandmother had painted just before her death. Jacky feels a tear come to her eye, then wipes it away, shrugs, and throws the painting out.

    Ha! I bet you, the ignorant reader, thought that portrait was going to be the thing that changed Jacky’s life, right? Nope! I just totally subverted your expectations, and I feel pretty darn good about it, too!

    Anyway, once she throws away the portrait, Jacky comes upon a portal to another dimension that she had made as a kid and forgotten about. Then she enters it and I guess some kind of life changing experience happens in there. Not sure what exactly; I didn’t come up with the specifics. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, it inspires her to become an animal rights activist or something else cool like that.

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