Riddle of the Day 4/13


My life can be measured in hours,
I serve by being devoured.
I bring joy where e’er I go,
Yet wind is my foe.
What am I?


Yesterday’s riddle was:

I go around in circles,
but always straight ahead.
I never complain,
no matter where I am led.
What am I?

And the winners are…Bri Mirabile with “wheel” got the first correct answer! And as for the most creative incorrect answer, that goes to Claire Shelby with “A planet traveling in a straight line and only orbiting a star due to the curvature of space time.” Congratulations to you both!

3 thoughts on “Riddle of the Day 4/13

  1. Bri Mirabile

    a candle!

  2. Cindy Y.


  3. Rachel Zemil


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