Riddle of the Day 3/26


You have me today,
Tomorrow you’ll have more;
As your time passes,
I’m not easy to store;
I don’t take up space,
But I’m only in one place;
I am what you saw,
But not what you see.
What am I?

As always, the first correct and the most creative incorrect answers will receive a Townhouse Token. Answer below or on Facebook!


Bridget Carl won with the first posting of the correct answer: footsteps! Our most creative incorrect answer? Laxatives, from Clarissa Boyd.

4 thoughts on “Riddle of the Day 3/26

  1. Sydni Nadler


  2. Cindy Y.

    CO2 in the atmosphere

    Climate change is unfortunately very real and very scary 🙁

  3. Hailey Messina


  4. Maria Tapias

    Memories! Or blackboard assignments.

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