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Hi. So I’ve been playing an ungodly amount of Mario Kart on my DS that I found in the pit of garbage in my room that I haven’t properly cleaned since graduation. In that pit is also the DS charger that I am in desperate need of but can’t be bothered to look for it and in turn upend some deeply hidden memories from my childhood. Anyway….

Who is the best character for Mario Kart? I am loyal to Yoshi but I feel like I need to grow up and find a new favorite. My brother made fun of me the other day for playing with Yoshi and I am feeling rather discouraged. Insight would be appreciated.


Signing off,

Bridget :,-)

8 thoughts on “Discussion: Mario Kart

  1. Josh

    First of all, your brother should be condemned for his opposition to our beautiful dino boy. Yoshi is pure, wholesome– a radiant light of joy amidst the wicked world of the Mushroom Kingdom. Personally, I’m a big Toad fan. He’s extraordinary in his ordinariness, a loyal friend to Mario throughout all sorts of trials, and just seems like a great guy. He’s the Sam Gamgee of the Mushroom Kingdom, and I gotta be there for Sam Gamgee.

    • bridgetcarl

      Good idea! Toad is both superbly cute and great for acceleration. I am also a fan of Peach. I cannot play with one of the angry guys, Wario, Bowser, and Donkey Kong. They might be fast but I just cannot justify subjecting myself to that 🙁

      • Ryan

        If you can condone this Mushroom head monstrosity–


        I commend you. I, however, will be spending my time with non-monstrous Mario Karters.

        • Josh

          I am angered, and deeply in distress.

        • bridgetcarl

          That looks like a 2014 Tumblr imagine and I hate that you have that

      • Jared

        I stand with Josh in condemning your brother for scoffing at Yoshi. That dino was always underrated and my second-choice character. Although, it is somewhat ironic because my first choice was usually Waluigi. Yep, of course I chose one of the angry ones. He may be nasty, but he is very efficient and allowed me to trample my opponents underfoot. *insert unsettling chuckle here*

        Also, Ryan, that is genuinely horrifying, and I hate the interwebs.

        • bridgetcarl

          I respect the choice Jared. I definitely overlook Waluigi but perhaps I shouldn’t. I feel like Waluigi is the angry uncle who is upset about how society has evolved, but isn’t necessarily evil. He just needs a therapist.

  2. bridgetcarl

    An update for my loyal followers…I found the charger(!) but also unearthed some deeply unsettling memories from high school that I meant contain in the pit of garbage. Alas! At least I can play Mario Kart in peace until this is over and I can socialize again.

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