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CCAS Book Publishing Support

In our continued effort to support research and scholarship of our faculty, we are pleased to start a CCAS Book Publishing Support System to provide technical and financial support for book publishing efforts by CCAS faculty. We hope this will help to increase the quality and quantity of professional books by our faculty.

There are two components of this initiative.

  1. Faculty Workshops on Book Proposals.  We will organize workshops with guest speakers on book proposals, followed by questions and informal discussions.
  2. Editing or other professional services for book publishing. We will provide technical or financial support for faculty members with the needs.

The workshop series was started with an event featuring Dr. Matthew McAdam of Johns Hopkins University Press, followed by a workshop on Crossover Books by Dr. Audra Wolfe. This event series will be continued in the future as part of our Faculty Coffee and Networking (Faculty CAN) series.

The editing and other professional services for book publishing are as follows.

Technical Support for Book PublishingCCAS faculty with a need for professional editing service can request help in identifying a professional editor to provide the service.  Simply send an email to explaining the need.  The Associate Dean for Research will review and work out a match for the request.  If needed, partial or full financial support for the editing service can be provided following the plan explained below. This service is limited to books of research or scholarly nature, and does not include textbooks, fiction, non-fiction or other types of books.

Financial Support for Book PublishingCCAS will provide partial or full support to help CCAS faculty with their expenses related to book publishing, including editing, imaging, and indexing. Before requesting such help, faculty are encouraged to make use of other resources such as their start up or funds from their department.  If additional help is needed, requests can be made in email to  The Associate Dean for Research will review the request, consult the CCAS Research Advisory Council and / or the Department Chair as needed, and then inform the applicant of the decision. This service is limited to books of research or scholarly nature, and does not include textbooks, fiction, non-fiction or other types of books.

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