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School Research Administrator Portfolios

Research Team

Evie Downie

Associate Dean for Research & Strategic Initiatives 202-994-9539
Juliana Smith Assistant Director for Research Programs 202-994-5317
Ja’net Burke School Research Administrator 202-994-2304
Jessica Harb School Research Administrator 202-994-6679
Alice Kungu School Research Administrator 202-994-0938
Loren Redman School Research Administrator 202-994-0350
Gary Reynolds School Research Administrator 202-994-6449
Kristina Short School Research Administrator 202-994-0002


Department Pre-Award Post-Award
American Studies Loren Redman Loren Redman
Anthropology Ja'net Burke Ja'net Burke
Art Therapy Ja'net Burke Ja'net Burke
Biological Sciences Jessica Harb Gary Reynolds
Center for Professional Psychology Kristina Short Kristina Short
Chemistry Jessica Harb Gary Reynolds
Cisneros Institute Loren Redman Loren Redman
Classical & Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations Loren Redman Loren Redman
Corcoran School / Interior Architecture & Design Program Alice Kungu Alice Kungu
Corcoran School / Museum Studies Alice Kungu Alice Kungu
Corcoran School of the Arts & Design Alice Kungu Alice Kungu
Data Science Jessica Harb Gary Reynolds
East Asian Languages & Literatures Loren Redman Loren Redman
Economics Loren Redman Loren Redman
English Ja'net Burke Ja'net Burke
Forensic Sciences Alice Kungu Alice Kungu
Geography Alice Kungu Alice Kungu
History Loren Redman Loren Redman
Mathematics Loren Redman Loren Redman
Organizational Sciences and Communication Loren Redman Loren Redman
Philosophy Ja'net Burke Ja'net Burke
Physics Jessica Harb Gary Reynolds
Political Science Loren Redman Loren Redman
Psychology Kristina Short Kristina Short
Religion Ja'net Burke Ja'net Burke
Romance German & Slavic Languages & Literatures Loren Redman Loren Redman
School of Media & Public Affairs Alice Kungu Alice Kungu
Sociology Loren Redman Loren Redman
Speech & Hearing Kristina Short Kristina Short
Statistics Alice Kungu Alice Kungu
Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration/Regulatory Studies Loren Redman Loren Redman
University Writing Program Ja'net Burke Ja'net Burke


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