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Graduate Student Support for Grants

A couple years ago, GW changed its policy concerning tuition support for students paid from external grants through the Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships.  We want to be sure that the faculty are aware of the policy and incentives.

Below is information on the new policy concerning tuition support for students paid from external grants through the Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships.

For those submitting a grant from an external funder that provides full indirect costs (e.g. NSF): GW will cover two-thirds of the graduate tuition (up to 12 credits over the academic year) to support students employed on those grants if the income portion makes up a full graduate package.  The grant should cover the remaining six (6) credits.

Thus, when submitting a grant that includes full indirect costs, you should request:

  1. An amount equal to a standard package's salary and stipend for your program, which is at a minimum $22,500 for Ph.D. students and $16,000 for Master’s students in AY 2015-2016.  Always ask your Director of Graduate Studies for the current package amount.
  2. Six (6) credits of tuition funding; the cost per credit will be $1,600 for most programs in AY 2016-2017. Always consult the current tuition rates, as these rates may change each year.

As an incentive to include graduate support on grants, faculty will receive the indirects for the portion associated with the graduate student package included in these grants. If you write in funding for the package and 6 credits of tuition as part of the grant, the indirects that GW returns can be used for your own research purposes. If you don't request tuition support, GW expects that the student tuition share be funded by the returned indirect funds.

Please note that indirect is provided only for Graduate Research Assistantships, and not Graduate Research Fellowships.

For those of you submitting a grant to an external funder that DOES NOT provide full indirect costs (e.g. foundations): Most foundations do not provide full indirect costs, and some will not cover graduate student tuition at all. GW does not cover 12 credits of tuition for students funded by a grant that does not provide full indirect costs. Please consult with your funder on the limits of what they will fund. For these grants, we strongly encourage you to request funding for salary ($22,500). [Note: stipends are associated with fellowships and should not be used if there is a work requirement.  Salary is associated with a work product.  Thus Graduate Research Assistants should be receiving a salary since there is a work expectation.]

Thank you for seeking external support for our graduate students.

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