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Course Buy-Out

In cases where faculty wish to buy-out their teaching in order to provide time to focus on their externally sponsored research, there is a standard university minimum cost to buy-out of 1/6th of the faculty member's salary: 1.5 months for 9-month faculty, and 2 months for 12-month faculty. CCAS does not require that faculty exceed those levels, but is bound by that minimum.

This amount should be charged to the grant within the same academic year of the course buy-out, and is typically charged within the same semester of the course buy-out, but allowances may be made where necessary due to the nature of the grant. Work with your SRA to ensure that things are done in the most appropriate manner.

Department Chairs are asked to note the planned course buy-out in Cayuse and assess the feasibility of the planned buy-out when approving the proposal at the pre-award stage.

In cases where a course release results from an internal source of funding, such as a Dean's Research Chair or Shapiro Policy Research Scholar program, a course release is granted which does not require the above procedure to be followed. The faculty member's expected teaching load is simply reduced by one course in the requisite semester.

Course buy-outs on sponsored projects should be requested via this form.

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