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Alison HallAs with other trainees around the nation, our Institute for Biomedical Science (IBS) PhD students and postdocs have seen their research progress “paused” in light of the pandemic, but they’ve still been very busy. Our senior students have continued their research remotely, pursuing data analysis, figures and manuscripts, mini-reviews, journal clubs, lab and special interest group meetings, and maybe an added virtual happy hour or two. We have also encouraged our second-year students, once their classes are done, to prepare and defend their grant-style qualifier exams so they are prepared for their dissertation work once we return.

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Alison HallWe are delighted to share that, over the last six months (September 2019 to March 2020) subscribers to GW Research Matters funding alerts have increased by 6% (from 2,467 to 2,631). We continue to provide regular email updates to over 600 investigators on funding opportunities in 25 research areas. ...continue reading "You’re looking for funding!"

We arAlison Halle excited to let you know that a new theme -- Patient Centered Research -- has joined the other 24 themes in our Research Matters "push" funding opportunities. You may access the new Patient Centered Research list from here.

We encourage you to go to the Research Matters website to take another look. Go to the Funding Announcements page, and click on any research theme primary list to explore opportunities. ...continue reading "New Patient-Centered Research Funding"

Alison HallAs noted in a Washington Post article today, the NIH is clamping down on security, calling for visitors to disclose their citizenship in order to be issued a visitor badge. Foreign nationals from Iran, Syria, North Korea or Sudan ...continue reading "NIH requires all visitors to disclose citizenship"

Laura RadvilleThe research interests of over 560 investigators are shared in the searchable Faculty Research Database, and every one of those investigators is automatically subscribed to get funding alerts in their research areas. ...continue reading "Are you getting the research funding information you need?"

By Anne Banner

It’s an honor to be able to post on this forum about the importance of promoting your work and the resources we offer at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences to do so! ...continue reading "Communicating Your Research Advances"

Alison HallFor those investigators interested in developing expertise in clinical research, the NIH Clinical Center's Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR) course trains registrants on how to effectively and safely conduct clinical research. Registration opens October 1, 2018.
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New lists were just created to include funding opportunities in each research area. You should have received this by email, and we encourage you to go to the Research Matters website to take another look. Go to the Funding Announcements page, click on a research theme, and click the “Primary Funding List 2018-2019”.  ...continue reading "New funding opportunities"

Summer often means an influx of visiting students and volunteers in our laboratories. SMHS is committed to providing a safe and healthy laboratory environment for all members of the campus community and visitors.

All laboratory visitors MUST complete ...continue reading "Safety Training Mandatory"

Photo of Robert MillerIn anticipation of GW Research Days next week, I urge you to attend the keynote remarks from Mary Woolley, the President and CEO of Research!America. She will discuss “Your role in Changing Hearts and Minds for Science” at 9 am Wednesday April 11, 2018 in Lisner Auditorium. ...continue reading "Research to Improve Your Health"

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