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Are you getting the research funding information you need?

Laura RadvilleThe research interests of over 560 investigators are shared in the searchable Faculty Research Database, and every one of those investigators is automatically subscribed to get funding alerts in their research areas.

GW Research Matters funding alerts provide regular updates on funding opportunities in 24 research areas. The base primary funding lists, which include all grant opportunities for the upcoming year, are also archived on the Research Matters blog for use anytime. These lists were just updated for 2019.

Over the last six months in 2018, there were hundreds of readers. Some research themes (Cancer) have lots of subscribers, while others (Ophthalmology) have fewer. Research areas with the highest percentage of readers were Pharmacology, Physician Assistant Studies & Physical Therapy, and Biochemistry. Research areas with the lowest percentage of emails opened were Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, and Kidney research. Pediatrics had a low percentage of readers, but most of these researchers were reading funding alerts in an additional research area. Please make sure to subscribe to all research areas that are of interest to you.

We also assemble funding opportunities for MD students, PhD students, and postdocs that you may want to pass on to your trainees.

We want to do everything we can to improve these funding alerts! Can we improve the search terms to capture more opportunities in your research area? Would you like to get emails for a different research area? Do we send emails too frequently or not often enough? Please let us know how we can improve.

Funding email readers
The average number of people reading Funding Alert emails (yellow bars), by funding research area. The total number of people in each research area are shown in blue.


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