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Where Were You Last Week?

By zelenkal

The most frequent question before the most awaited time of the semester started was: What are you doing for spring break? Most of your classmates would respond to this by alluding to a warm place with the vision of themselves dressed in a summer dress and sunglasses. I chose Chicago and Boston. There were times I would envy my colleagues, who were enjoying the pleasures of the localities further south. Despite the wind and  low temperatures I do not think we made a mistake. I started my vacation on a sunny day with an extraordinary view of Chicago from the tallest building in United States, and the trip ended with a warm walk around Boston Common.

Atop the Sears Tower Sky Deck in Chicago!
On top of the Sears Tower Sky Deck in Chicago!
Boston Common
Boston Common

Even though we did not choose a very warm locations, the first and the last days were just perfect. Chicago is such an amazing city with so many things to see and to do. It truly must be an architecture student's paradise. Sports fanatics would also find so many places interesting in this city. We also never encountered so many welcoming people. Anytime one of us had a look to our Lonely Planet Guide, there was somebody asking whether we need any help or not. Of course we tried to taste some food typical for Chicago, and I must say the stuffed pizza is at least an interesting invention. I will never forget our walk around Navy Pier, even though it was really empty this time of the year. The jazz bars are also an unforgettable experience and I can only wish for such authentic places to be here in DC or back in Prague.

Navy Pier
Navy Pier!

After following Al Capone we decided to follow much more appreciated figures of American history. Boston offered a really different atmosphere. Even though everybody kept saying that as tourists coming from Europe we will probably not be very fond of what everybody there calls rich history, we actually found it amazing. Following the Freedom Trail was one of the most impressive walks I have ever had, especially the part where The Paul Revere House is located... I have never seen so many bricks in my life! Boston gave us the opportunity to hear quite a significant accent, to walk around sea shore, to see beautiful parks, to eat a burger at Wendy's one night just in order to fully appreciate the fancy seafood restaurant the following night, to see a different type of campus when visiting Harvard University, and much more.

The city of Boston
The city of Boston

The last week was so intense and so remarkable that I am finding it hard to come back and study hard for two more months. What I expect from this week is walking around campus, seeing faces I have not seen for more than a week, asking them about their Spring Break. I also expect that our thrilled talks will be followed by nostalgic sighs, demotivating memories, and words suggesting that the break is over and we need to get back to work. Fortunately, the National Cherry Blossom Festival is drawing closer and we will again have more to appreciate here in DC. Until then, let me ask you a question – Where were you last week?

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