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By carlyfisher4

Since receiving my acceptance letter, the common response I've had from all that I've told is 'wow, congratulations...are you nervous?' - in fact so many people have questioned my nerves that I'm starting to think that maybe it's weird that I'm not nervous at all. With all the excitement that has been building up surrounding this semester, who has had time for nerves?!

 As this is my introductory blog, I'd like to welcome you to what I hope will be an amazing way for me to document my experiences whilst on exchange at GW. If you're reading this as a fellow exchange or GW student, I hope to meet you soon and that your experiences will too be chronicled in this blog. If you're a future student deciding whether or not to apply for your exchange semester here, or waiting excitedly to depart for the adventure that awaits (like I am now), I hope that this is in some way helpful to you. To my friends and family at home in Australia - I hope you read this so I don't have to repeat the same stories over and over again (but then make sure you still Skype me!!). Oh, and to my guaranteed audience...hi mum 🙂
 I cannot wait for my introduction to GW and all that life in DC has to offer! But before that, let me introduce myself seeing as I was presumptuous enough to decide who you are.
Hi, my name is Carly 🙂 I'm 21, from Sydney, Australia and am obsessed with theatre and travelling. I love sightseeing and immersing myself in new cultures. I'm outgoing, really like meeting new people and love taking photos! I love hanging out with friends, performing arts, history and partaking in new activities and experiences.
There's way more to know about me but as this is a weekly blog I feel like I should save something 🙂
 With the semester's beginning fast approaching, I've been thinking a lot about what to expect, what it will be like, etc. I'd love to entertain any American readers and say that my expectations of the American college experience come solely out of movies like Legally Blonde and the like but I do think I have, hopefully, a more realistic idea of what to expect...

- I expect to meet new people, make new friends, and find like minded individuals

- I expect to be challenged because I think we all achieve our best when we are

- I expect to have some learning curves but all of which will be plausible to overcome

- I expect to be late to class for a while - I'm still finding my way around my university campus in Sydney so I expect to
have similar hurdles!

- I expect to learn a lot from my professors, knowing that they are amongst the top in their field

- I expect to find it a bit strange to share a bedroom - only child alert!

- I expect to see parts of America I haven't yet seen despite my numerous trips there

- I expect to indulge in DC's theatre scene

- I expect to visit the Cheesecake Factory a number of times, buy lots of snapple and frequent Starbucks (it's the little things haha)

- I expect to miss my family back home - I always do whilst traveling - but I expect that this experience will be well worth
it even so.

- I expect to get involved in all that the college has to offer - that's the kind of personality I have and GW has amazing sounding student life.

Most of all I expect to have fun and make the most out of my time in DC
So, welcome to my blog - it'll be great getting to share this experience with you
Until next time...
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