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By gwblogabroad

I, like most people, sometimes feel threatened by the World. We've all at some point concluded that everyone were out to get us, that we don't deserve our misfortune. We are all, regrettably, embedded with a predisposition towards self-serving bias.

The truth is that if you're reading this there is overwhelming chance that you're fortunate enough to live comfortably in a bubble void of fear and hate. My troubles seem to me insurmountable at times, but the truth is that they're often self-inflicted and easily avoided and most certainly always trivial when put in context.

Contrast would perhaps better describe the intent. I've never experienced hate. Never once have I evoked such extreme reaction or felt so utterly enraged that the only solution was hate. For this very reason it is often far too easy to dismiss the news from around the World of terror, simply because we cannot sympathize. We've never walked in their shoes.

Times are very different now than really ever before in that we now, those of us fortunate enough to live in reasonable prosperity, live in a world of social media. This lends an opportunity to find strength in numbers, and more importantly it provides a platform to constantly remind us all of the terror and hate. To inspire us to do more to change what we can and ultimately to provide contrast.

To this end I'd like to ask anyone reading this to take 30 minutes of their no-doubt busy schedule and watch the movie below and hopefully succeed in making the monstrously hateful Joseph Kony famous.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

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