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The Community-Campus Partnerships for Health newsletter announced: CCPH Forums, a new virtual hub for members of CCPH.

The CCPH Forums are a virtual hub for CCPH members and colleagues to post, comment on discussions, give advice or collaborate on all things community-campus partnerships. The CCPH Forums are a free resource that anyone can access, with forums specific to CBPRCBPR Jobs BoardCommunity-Engaged Scholarship, and -- for members only -- the CCPH Members Community Board. In addition to the usual postings of news items such as conferences and funding opportunities, what distinguishes CCPH Forums is the opportunity to start a discussion thread to ask questions or seek advice with all the responses on one page so that everyone can benefit from the information they gathered. You can subscribe and receive email notifications to any forum or thread by selecting the "Subscribe" button on the top right corner of the forum webpages."

The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning (MJCSL) will accept proposals for a special issue on "Centering Social Justice in the Scholarship of Community Engagement" through February 15th. The special issue will be co-edited by Tabbye Chavous (University of Michigan) and Tania Mitchell (University of Minnesota). 
The full call for proposals, along with instructions for submitting, are available on MJCSL's website. Questions or inquiries regarding the issue can be addressed to

Give pulse gives you an easy way to check service hours for the entire time they are at GW as a student or faculty. Here are three easy steps to find the summary of your service hours.

Step one: go to Givepulse and log in using your GW email login.

Step Two: click your name and click summary

Step Three: a PDF summary of all your hours will appear on the screen for you to save or print. Don't forget that all hours for this year must be in by April 24th! Be sure to submit hours now to avoid problems in April and thanks for serving!

The Nashman Center recognizes students, faculty, staff, and community commitments to community engagement, scholarship, and social innovation each year.  Click here to see if you are eligible for graduation awards!


The Knapp Fellowship award is just around the corner. The award will recognize one or more innovative proposals each year and will provide support for their implementation. Up to $10,000 will be awarded each academic year.  Undergraduate and graduate students with one more semester may apply independently or with a group of students to design and create solutions that will make a significant difference in the lives of others. Awardees must work with the support and guidance of a faculty member on their research and action projects and must be enrolled at GW for the full Academic Calendar year in which the award is being given in order to qualify as a candidate for the Knapp Fellowship.

One key application component is that you must be enrolled at GW for the full Academic Calendar year in order to qualify as a candidate for the Knapp Fellowship.

Click here to see previous winners and their projects!

This year's 2019-2020 winners are Zaniya Lewis, and Yesenia Grajeda Yepez!

Click here to learn more about Zaniya's project!

Click here to learn more about Yesenia's project!




On January 17, 2020 The Nashman Center will be gathering all Community-Engaged Scholarship course instructors for a meeting to kick-off the semester right. Lunch will be provided!

We are looking forward to sharing a number of resources with you and discussing each others' new ideas, concerns, and questions. A few important conversations we'll have include:

  • Your feedback on the new course, department, and school reports that our GWServes platform makes possible.
  • Advice from the registrar on a number of ways to ensure students are aware your course will include community engagement.
  • Changes to the Symposium for Community-Engaged Scholarship.

To register for this event click right here!

Hope to see you all there!

Faculty, TAs and GAs please join us for an online virtual tutorial about your course and how to register students on GWServes/givepulse. We will review how to see student hours, how to edit your class, how to find your community partners and ass to your page and how students add their impact hours. Weblink for each day will be sent out ahead of the sessions. Down below are the times and dates for the sessions. RSVP link down below.

Session days/times:
January 10th at 10am
January 11th at 10am
January 14th at noon
January 15th at noon

RSVP by clicking here!

Thank you to students, faculty, and community partners who shared their experiences, disseminated their findings, and learned about other campus/community initiatives.   ...continue reading "Thank you for joining us for GW’s Fall 2019 Symposium!"

The DC Area Educators for Social Justice has formed a new working group for DC area middle and high school teachers who are committed to teaching with a "people's history" lens. Their next meeting will be December 14th, with a focus on teaching with the New York Times' 1619 Project and learning how to engage students in the food justice summit at UDC.  Link here for more information.

The Global Women's Institute recently announced the release of a new toolkit for bringing research to action to address violence against women and girls in conflict and humanitarian settings. Link to the toolkit here.

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