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Although not presently an active arm of the lab, in the past we have adapted laser-based diagnostics developed for other fields to sensing problems in biotechnology.

Due to surface plasmons, gold and silver nanoparticles have been exploited for a variety of sensing applications in biotechnology. In the last decade, our lab (alone or in collaboration with other researchers), has pursued the use of these precious metal nanoparticles for several sensing demonstration projects in both inelastic and elastic  light scattering.

Some relevant publications

Bottom-up assembly of hydrogels from bacteriophage and Au nanoparticles: the effect of cis-and trans-acting factors

Targeted Self-Assembled Networks of Gold Nanoparticles and Bacteriophage as Biological Sensors.

In Vivo Detection of Gold-imidazole Self-assembly Complexes: NIR-SERS Signal Reporters.

Oligonucleotide Detection Using Angle Dependent Light Scattering and Fractal Dimension Analysis of Gold-DNA Aggregates

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