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Fun Stuff

It seems from my travel log and photo libraries, that I don't work all of the time.  Along the way, I have found time to pull off some mountain climbing and long distance bicycle touring. Even when we do go somewhere to work, we manage to find some time for fun, especially in Alaska!

Photos from the highlights reel

2020 Images

Walking (dying?) in the footsteps of giants.

2019 Images

San Francisco, AGU Fall 2019
Washing, DC, Halloween 2019
Seen at GWU, "Raise High", 2019
"Grillin'" at Lockn' 2019
Gordon Conference, Ormont-Dessus, Switzerland, 2019
Hook Head Lighthouse, Ireland, April 2019
Rock of Cashel, Ireland, 2019
Rock of Cashel, Ireland, 2019
Cambridge, 2019
Bludenz, Austria, 2019
Seen at EGU, Vienna, 2019
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