Discussion: Mario Kart

Hi. So I’ve been playing an ungodly amount of Mario Kart on my DS that I found in the pit of garbage in my room that I haven’t properly cleaned since graduation. In that pit is also the DS charger that I am in desperate need of but can’t be bothered to look for it and in turn upend some deeply hidden memories from my childhood. Anyway….

Who is the best character for Mario Kart? I am loyal to Yoshi but I feel like I need to grow up and find a new favorite. My brother made fun of me the other day for playing with Yoshi and I am feeling rather discouraged. Insight would be appreciated.


Signing off,

Bridget :,-)

Tik Tok: Virtual Townhouse Edition

Hello UHPers! In an effort to keep the Townhouse alive during the virtual learning period, we are starting a Tik Tok account for UHP-related content! Our username is @gwuhp. While we will be posting some of our own content, we can’t do this alone. Please send us your best memes and renegades and we will be sure to post them. The link to submit a video is here.

The Review: Virtual Townhouse Edition!

We hope you are all staying safe at home and are adjusting to the new life of online classes. I currently am reporting from the George Washington University: Sandwich, Massachusetts campus and although it is sad to not be hanging out in the physical townhouse for 12+ hours a week, the Virtual Townhouse project is well underway! Part of that is continuing the Review but virtually. Since we are all staying inside and social distancing (please), I’m sure plenty of us will be reading and would want some book suggestions or a place to discuss what we are reading.

With that said, I present the UHP Goodreads account! There is a Review group on Goodreads that you can join here. You need a Goodreads account to join, but that is free and frankly very fun. In the group, there is a bookshelf with the books that our members have suggested at our first meeting, as well as a link to a suggestion form for books to read moving forward. You can also make a reading challenge for yourselves to set a goal for books to read for the rest of the semester. For the rest of the semester, we will still be reading and discussing book a month and all discussions will be conducted in the Goodreads group. I realize we never met in February to discuss The Hate U Give, but there is a discussion board live for that book. That means we have April and potentially May to read and discuss books before the end of the semester, unless we want to continue this into the summer which I am more than open to. You can vote on the April reading here.

Finally, if we do plan on doing a virtual meeting at some point, we will update you with that information! I know with students home all around the world and with the odd situation we are in, this might not work for everyone. But I am open to it all!

Signing off!

-Bridget Carl, friendly front desk worker and fellow UHPer

Paid Summer Research Programs: NSF, NASA, NIH, etc.

Looking for a *paid* STEM summer research program at a college, university or national lab? Below is a handy list which also includes science media/journalism/policy-focused fellowships. Lots of opportunities for pre-meds and engineers, too.


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