The UHP at Nats Park — Should We Buy More Tickets??

Hello UHPers!

So you may remember our recent post about going to the Nats vs. Marlins game on April 7th at 7pm. That sign-up filled up *super* fast! Y’all love you some baseball!

The question is now: we have the opportunity to purchase some more tickets, and are trying to see if some of you UHPers would like to have a second shot at signing up! As a reminder, the ticket will cost you $7 and includes a $10 food credit for when you’re there. Let us know below if you would like us to purchase additional tickets! Please fill out this form by Thursday evening if so.

Volunteers Needed: National Children’s Museum Holiday Event

Check out this volunteer opportunity from fellow UHPer Clara Mucci! Have volunteer opportunities of your own that you’d like to share with the UHP public? Click here to submit a post of your own!

Hi there! Are you a fan of museums, children, or volunteering? If yes, you’re in luck! Come get a sneak peek of the new National Children’s Museum by volunteering at our holiday Family Celebration on December 14th. Perks include free pizza, free museum swag, and a chance to play in super cool children’s exhibits! Details: Volunteers needed on December 14th from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm Morning shift is 11:30-2:30, afternoon shift is 1:45-4:30 Please email if you’re interested!

A Hearth for the School-Weary: Townhouse Guide

A Sophomore student enters Gelman library. She’s looking for a place to sit comfortably and lay out her study materials. Floor 2? The computers are taken, the couches are taken, the study rooms are taken. She ascends the stairs to Floor 3 – no luck there either. After spending a half hour searching for a place to study, finally, a study room is open. She settles in, grateful to have finally found a place to study…only to be kicked out 10 minutes later.

Have you ever experienced this? I certainly did when I was a student here. But there is a solution, dear UHPers! The Honors Townhouse!

From 9am – 5pm on Mondays through Fridays, you can come in to the townhouse at 714 21st St NW and make use of our space! It has a lot of components though – so pay careful attention!

Part 1: The Club Room

The Club Room is the communal hub of the townhouse. It’s our most popular study space and where most of our events take place. It’s a great place to study, eat lunch, and just generally hang out (see below).

Pictured: Jared Bulla (CCAS ’20), Anna Peacher-Ryan (CCAS ’20), and the lunch of Patrice Narasimhan (ESIA ’20)

It’s also an excellent “home base” on Foggy Bottom for you Vern-folk! In the words of Trey (SEAS ’20), “When I was a Freshman, I was a Vernie…it was kind of my ‘home away from home.’ And now, again, that I live off campus, it’s true again.”

Jared, a student who spends nearly every day in the townhouse, makes a standing desk out of the Club Room podium.

Part 2: The Kitchen

It is in the kitchen that the true perks of being in the Honors Program come to fruition. If you don’t already know, there is a Keurig machine, a hot chocolate machine, and a water dispenser (with ice-cold, hot, and sparkling settings) to which all UHP students have free and unlimited access! The only requirement? Bring your own mug/water bottle. You can always fill up the mug and then sit around and study in the Club Room or basement!

Jason Rucker (CCAS ’22), fills his mug with coffee

Part 3: The Basement

Not everyone knows about the basement. It’s a unique sort of place. It’s very rare that we have events down there, so it’s almost always open when the townhouse is. It’s usually quiet, secluded, *and* it’s got two whiteboards with an avalanche of markers! Right now, the basement is sad and empty (see below). Fill it with your presence, dear UHPers! In order to access the basement, go down the stairs across from the kitchen, and go to the right!

Part 4: The Front Office

And finally we come to my domain: the front office. The front office isn’t fundamentally a communal space like the Club Room or the Basement, but you’ll often run into faculty, other students, and of course myself here! Feel free to drop by anytime to say hello – I love meeting new students!

More often than not though, the relevancy of this office is the candy and the food! We have a free candy jar that is usually full of goodies:


And also, we often have free food sitting around from after events! Pro tip: we announce when we have free food on Twitter and Facebook, so like us and follow us below!

Part 5: The Thoughts of the Community

And finally, for the thoughts of others within our UHP community:

“My favorite part about the townhouse is…besides the free Keurig drinks, it’s a welcoming and warm place to study and have good discussions, to see people from class that you wouldn’t otherwise hang out with.” – Anna Peacher-Ryan, CCAS ’20

“Coffee, food, a place to study. What more could you need?” – Bridget Carl, GWSPH/CCAS ’21

“I love the townhouse, it’s the place where everyone knows your name. I thoroughly enjoy the free coffee, and recently I’ve been also really enjoying the sparkling water. As a former La Croix addict, I really enjoy the sparkling aspect.” – Jason Rucker, SMPA ’22

“I love the water and snacks.” – Marshall Deng, CCAS ’21

“[The townhouse is] a locus of intellectual activity on this campus…I spend oodles of time here throughout my week. It’s a very productive place, both intellectually and in terms of my…work.” – Jared Bulla, CCAS ’20 (and also the one pictured several times throughout this post).

Also, enjoy these additional photos taken for the purpose of this spotlight, but that did not fit anywhere else:


TechExpo Top Secret Hiring Event

Interview for this job and discover new career opportunities at the upcoming TECHEXPO Top Secret Hiring Event and Networking Reception:
Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Tysons Corner Marriott
8028 Leesburg Pike
Tysons Corner, VA 22182
Secret Clearance or above is REQUIRED to attend this event
We encourage you to share this information with your network of security-cleared professionals that are qualified to attend.
Companies Participating on November 13th Include (Partial List):
Azimuth Corporation
Datrose Inc.
DynCorp International
OBXtek Inc.
RGServices Corporation
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory / US NRL
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Hundreds of Job Opportunities are available including S​ecurity Analyst, Systems Integrator, Network Engineer, Security Architect, Security/IT Director, Systems Administrator, Network Architect, Forensics Investigator, Auditor, Systems Engineer, S​oftware Developer, Java Developer, Linguists, Software Engineer​ ​and many more.
If you are unable to attend, you may still submit your resume for employers to review by registering for the event on
For details and to view all upcoming hiring events visit
Feel free to contact us with any questions at 212.655.4505 ext. 230 /

Get Published in Scribendi Literature & Arts Magazine

Looking for your opportunity to be immortalized in print? Submit your creative work to Scribendi Magazine! Scribendi Literature and Arts Magazine is a nonprofit, annual print publication that publishes creative work from undergraduate Honors students from around 900 institutions.
Students are invited to submit poetry, creative nonfiction, short fiction, foreign language, visual art, photography, and open media (creative works not easily defined such as film, music, architecture, fashion, graffiti, and art).

The deadline for next year’s publication is October 5th at 11:59PM. Get submitting here!

Senior Requirements Info Session

What’s a UHPer gotta do around here to finish their Honors senior requirements??

Not that kind of senior

Come by the Club Room on Thursday, March 29th from 6 to 7 for an info session about Honors senior requirements. Professors Ralkowski and Trullinger will be on deck to talk about the ins and outs of writing a thesis (from finding an advisor to picking a topic to actually writing the thang) and Ben and Mary will be there to discuss all things UHP requirements. There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions and eat (captain) cookies.
Seriously, just google “confused stock photo.” It’s hilarious and you’re welcome.

Juniors are (highly) encouraged to attend! If you can’t make it to this info session, you can make an appointment with Ben or Mary to talk senior reqs.

Not Necessarily a Sophomore Slump [Sherpa]

Dear Sherpa,

I’ve only been back at school for a week, but I already feel like I need another break. Everyone seems to be excited to be back in DC, or to be studying abroad, or to have a cool new internship, but I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. Even Netflix seems boring! I feel like there are a lot of things I could be doing with my time, but I’m just not sure where to start. Help!



Dear N-N-S-S,

Everyone definitely has those times where nothing seems exciting. However, you’re in luck to have written to me! The wisdom of the Sherpa can provide anyone with a solution.

There are so many ways to get involved in GW and the larger DC community!

Check out the hundreds of student orgs at With hundreds of groups including religious, academic, Greek, political, volunteer, performance, cultural, and athletic, there’s something for everyone! Many orgs also have events, shows, or lectures that are open to everyone, so if you aren’t ready to commit, drop by to see what life with that group might be like.

Did you know Lerner (Hell Well) is open at 6:30 am during the week? Get cracking on those New Years resolutions and finish your workout before that 8 am. You can also get a group fitness pass for only $89 as a student and use it for anything from yoga to kickboxing. Many of the sport-specific areas also offer open play, so grab some new friends from that student org and have a game of pick-up! More info here:

If you have study abroad envy, get in touch with the Office of Study Abroad! They have massive lists of all the programs available to GW students. Or, you can always find your own!

If you’re a foodie, you won’t want to miss DC Restaurant Week. Over 200 of DC’s best restaurants offer fixed menus at (fairly) student friendly prices. It’s a great opportunity to eat amazing food without breaking your wallet! You can check out participants, menus, and even make reservations (recommended) here:

DC is full of great sports venues, from our very own Smith Center to the Verizon Center. We all know the Wizards are on the up and up, so snap up some student tickets before they get expensive! Or stick closer to home and support our very own Colonials – most games have free seats for students.

If you can’t find that internship that feels right, try volunteering! The Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service has a ton of resources related to service initiatives in the area: You can also look for opportunities on local or national databases, especially if you’re interested in a long-term experience.

So you see, N-N-S-S, GW and DC both offer some amazing opportunities. Sometimes, there’s so much out there that you don’t know where to begin! I hope this has come in handy with some ideas, and as always, you can write back if you need more help.



The Perils of Planning [Sherpa]

Sherpa, the Sherpa
Sherpa, the Sherpa

Dear Sherpa, 
I don’t know how I would have survived the past three years at GW without your constant unsolicited advice, so in another moment of stress I come to you. I can’t get away from the fact that in a year I’ll be on my own with no dorm room to nap away my days in. I’m trying to plan housing, a job, a life, and everything I’ll need for next year but it’s really hard!
On top of my preeminent problems, my little sister just started as a freshman and it’s killing me to hear how she’s blowing off her 4-year plan and not preparing at all for the best 4 years of her life.  Helppp! 
Tell me what to do,
Panicking at Home, Feeling Alone

Dear P.a.h.f.a.,
I’m glad you learned this key lesson during your studies; Sherpa knows best. You and your sister remind me of a story from one very particular winter I spent alone in the 1990s.
To my dismay, all my dreams were coming true! I was left alone in my house and I had BIG plans. Eat whatever I want, play video games past bed time, and not have to listen to anyone! It never occurred to me that I’d need a plan to survive my stint home alone. My lack of a plan literally put my life in jeopardy. But don’t fret, I was able to turn it all around because it’s never too late to plan!

The Battle Plan
My Battle Plan 

I found out two doofuses were planning to rob my house, thinking I was also gone. Having learned my lesson about not planning, I went big and created multiple back up plans and intricate steps for my 4-day defeat plan.
I burned one guys hair off, I tricked them into stepping on broken Xmas ornament glass, and I even pushed them down the stairs with heavy cans, and tar and feathered them! It was amazing.
But there was an unintended side effect: I ruined my house! The stairs were covered in tar (don’t even ask me about cleaning that one up), the door handles and locks were ruined because I got them all red hot, and the drapes were burnt (plus the smell of burnt hair was in everything.) Plus there were about 20 other traps I had set elsewhere in the house that I needed to disarm when it was all over. I got so obsessed with building intricate plans that I didn’t see the simple solution in front of me.  All I needed to do was call the police, or ask a neighbor for help. Everything worked out okay, but I got in so much trouble.
In the end, I regretted under-planning in the beginning, and over-planning at the end. College has so much in store for freshman like your sister, but to take advantage of all the possibilities, she needs to do some planning. Her 4-year plan is the first step to success in overcoming herself and thriving in college. You on the otherhand, must calm down.  Some things you just can’t plan, accept it, and deal with what you can.
If you’re not sure if you’re over-planning or under-planning, or just need help in general, you have a lot of advisors at GW ready to help.  Reach out to your school or major advisor, or talk to Catherine in the Honors Program.
Tar&Feathers for the win,

A Look at the Supreme Court Term [Event]

Join the American Bar Association Division for Public Education
and the Woodrow Wilson Center for


Monday, September 22, 2014
5:00PM – 6:30PM

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Flom Auditorium, Ronald Reagan Building
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

Register Here
Event is free and open to the public

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