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A Few of My Favorite Things in Amman

By Dominique Bonessi

As my trip is winding down I find myself distinguishing between the things I will miss and the things I could live without.  But instead of focusing on the things I dislike I will concentrate on things that I can’t get enough of here in my country.

  1. The Food: Shwerma, Hummus, Beans, Mansef…..and the list goes on.  I will not be able to go back to the states and eat hummus from the container; rather I will go back and try to create my own hummus—probably cheaper too.  My host mom has also taught me so much about Jordanian cooking from stuffed olive leaves, to summer watermelon and cheese, and almond cake.
  2. Desert Visits: I recently just got back from Wadi Mujib and the Dead Sea—my favorite trip so far—and I realized how beautiful the desert of Jordan is with various places to hike, swim, bike, and explore.  Each wadi with its own unique beauty, colors, and secrets.  This weekend trips have been great for rest and relaxation especially between busy weeks with studying and homework.
  3. Cafés: I know there are great café’s in DC, but as it is in a city they tend to be busy all the time with no space to spread out and get work done.  The café’s in Amman have been my sanctuary for work and--of course—my coffee fix.  Each café has comfy music, couches, and atmosphere to get work done without it being stressful and time consuming.  In DC, I don’t get the same atmosphere for studying with hundreds of people around and students sweating over their books to cram for the next exam.
  4. MBC on TV: Middle East Broadcasting has been a great source for me to simply turn on the TV and listen to Arabic.  In the states I have to dig through the internet to listen to Arabic channels and it is not as enjoyable as sitting in front of the TV with my host mom as we talk about our days and the celebrities on TV.  I especially have come to enjoy the Turkish soap operas and I can understand the storyline better now.
  5. Friends: I have had the opportunity and the honor to meet some of the most amazing Jordanians here and my time here would not have been as enjoyable if it wasn’t for them.  I am truly grateful for their friendship and the time I have spent with them, and I hope they come and visit me in the states and/or I have time to go back to Jordan to see them.