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By viralid

In December, I published a piece on my personal blog in which I reflected on what coming to India for five and a half months would mean to me. I wrote of my goals and hopes, focusing on how I wanted to explore my identity and better understand the parts that made me who I was. When friends and family had asked me why I chose to study abroad in India of all places, I had spoken of the importance of looking inwards before looking outwards. I needed to better understand who I was, to better explore my identity, I had said. I focused on a quote I had come across on the internet: “Travel not to find yourself, but to remember who you have been all along.” ...continue reading "Shifting identities"

By bmnobles

While I think that my greater outlook on life has changed since coming to Madrid, I don't think that the way I identify myself has changed. If anything, my experiences here have solidified my ties to my identity. Now more than ever I feel myself clinging to my identities of color. We are currently in a time in America where being a black girl is like being part of an exclusive club filled with goddesses, and Native American people are becoming more visible than ever. Since being in Spain I've noticed that the struggle for visibility and equity is a constant one. We, as women of color, will probably get to take a break from these struggles in out lifetime.

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By camitakesthailand

It is interesting how the things that are important to you, can change so quickly. Deep emersion into a new culture has a powerful and lasting effect on the soul. When I reflect on the fact that my semester is more than half way over, so many feelings come up. Mainly sadness because I don’t want to leave.
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By jlorthe

Since I was young, I had been used to hearing French or Creole at home with my parents and family. So, it had always made sense to me to study French in school so that I could better communicate with my family. However, it wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school when my sister went off to France for an entire year that I realized learning a foreign language in a classroom is nothing compared to a full immersion experience in a different country. When my sister came home from France and nailed the accent and could speak French better than my parents, I knew I had to go. Although I couldn’t make it happen in high school, my goal during freshman year in college was to find an excellent abroad program that would allow me to stay abroad for a year but also satisfy my major requirements. Thankfully, GW has really fantastic abroad programs and affiliations that allowed me to do both. ...continue reading "My American Passport doesn’t make me Rich"

By viralid

I’ve been joking with my friends lately about how I’ve been in the middle of an identity crisis. Coming to India has helped me not only to find a new balance between Indian and American, but also to better conceptualize what it means to be so, what it means to be me.
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