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Plugins & Widgets

All GW Blogs websites, whether official or unofficial, have access to the same plugins and widgets. These may be enabled or disabled by users with Administrator access to the site.


Plugins increase the functionality of your GW Blogs website by adding features that are not available "out of the box" with WordPress.

For example, to include a form, event calendar, or a slider, you must find and enable the currently available plugin(s) that support that functionality.

Plugins are reviewed on an annual basis for compliance with GW policies including digital accessibility compliance. Additionally, if plugins become deprecated, alternatives may be reviewed and enabled on the network to prevent interruptions in site content management for site owners.


Widgets are small content blocks that enhance site layout and functionality, often housing dynamic content feeds and the frontend display of plugins that have been activated.

Often found in the sidebar of most themes, these include displays of recent blog posts comments, search boxes and blog posts archives amongst other options.

Widgets can be added via the Customize interface or under Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets.

GW is committed to digital accessibility. If you experience a barrier that affects your ability to access content on this page, let us know via the Accessibility Feedback Form.