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Official vs. Unofficial Themes

Official Blog themes contain the official GW global footer with the university logo, as well as our institutional links (i.e. EO policy, Accessibility Notice, etc...). Official Blog sites are appropriate for academic and administrative offices, as these sites are intended to represent official university business.

Individuals wanting a website for personal use, CV or portfolio sites, or for student projects should create an Unofficial Blog site.

Registered Student Organizations will also use the unbranded Unofficial themes, but must submit a request for a Student Organization website.

Unofficial Blog themes contain a general disclaimer in place of the official GW global footer. These sites are intended to represent individual members of the GW community, which may or may not pertain to their role at the university.

All themes support:

  • A fully responsive design for mobile device optimization.
  • Access to the WordPress block editor (i.e. Gutenberg) to create fluid page layouts with more dynamic content.
  • Access to the same plugins, which can be enabled or disabled at the discretion of the site owner.
  • Access to the same widgets to customize the layout of pages and content.
  • A homepage that can support a feed of recent posts or a static message from a subpage.

Available Themes

  • The District

    Screenshot of a website homepage using the District themeThe District theme sports a crisp layout, and features colors from the primary GW color palette with accents from the secondary color palette; all tested for digital accessibility compliance.

    Rather than a logo graphic, The District features a typeset site name, followed by an optional site tagline.

    Beneath that is the site's navigation bar which supports two levels of subpage menu links.

    Activated widgets will display in the sidebar which can be hidden, if desired, by using dedicated page templates.

  • The Executive

    Screenshot of a website homepage using the executive theme The Executive theme is a two-column theme featuring colors from GW's secondary color palette.

    An optional logo graphic, headshot or typeset site name displays above optional social media icon links. Followed by the website's navigation links, which support up to two levels of subpage menu links.

    Any activated widgets will display beneath that.

  • Foggy Bottom

    Screenshot of a website homepage using the Official Foggy Bottom theme

    The Foggy Bottom theme sports a traditional website layout with a header that optionally supports a logo graphic and/or typset site name.

    Beneath that is the website navigation, followed by a space for a static image header banner.

    Website pages can optionally hide or display the sidebar based on the designated page template.

    Activated widgets will display in the sidebar, if present, or in designated footer widget areas. Social media icon links will also display in the footer area, and must be added as a second navigation menu.

  • The Metro

    Screenshot of a website homepage using the Metro themeThe Metro theme is restricted in use to Official Blogs websites on a case-by-case basis.

    The Metro theme relies on high-resolution imagery and supports a logo graphic or typset sitename in the header, which can also feature an image or a video via YouTube.

    Website content can be displayed in a single- or two-column layout. Activated widgets will display in the right sidebar.

    Additionally, there is an optional Dark color mode, which uses the official GW Blue as the background color along with digital accessibility-compliant variations of colors from the primary and secondary GW color palette.

    If you have an Official Blogs site and would like to discuss the use of this theme, please email

  • GW Ward

    Screenshot of a website using the GW Ward theme

    This theme will be deactivated on April 1, 2020 as it does not meet our standards for digital accessibility.

    The GW Ward theme features a modern, fullbleed layout that highlights content via bold uses of text and colorblocking.

    The narrow site header is set against the official GW Blue from the primary color palette and supports a typeset site name, but not a logo. The site header also displays the website's navigation menu which displays up to two levels of subpage menu links.

    Beneath the header is the optional Jumbo Headline, which can feature a custom large typefaced title, and optional supporting text. If the Jumbo Headline is unused, it disappears from view.

    Next comes the optional widgets bar, a full bleed colorblocked bar in the official light blue from GW's official secondary colors. Activated widgets will display here across four columns. If unused, the widgets bar disappears from view.

  • GW White

    A screenshot of a website homepage using the GW Ward theme.

    This theme will be deactivated on April 1, 2020 as it does not meet our standards for digital accessibility.

    The GW White theme supports a logo in the header of the website, as well as social media icon links.

    Beneath the header, the body of the website features the official GW Blue from the primary color palette, with the website navigation in a simple row of white text. The navigation uses the official light blue and yellow from GW's secondary color palette to highlight up to two levels of subpage menu links.

    GW White provides an optional rotating banner beneath the menu links that must be enabled and configured via the Customize interface. It supports up to five banner images.

    Blog feeds on the GW White theme require a featured image, as the feed displays in a thumbnail grid display. Posts without a featured image will display a large broken image icon.

    By default, two sidebar columns featuring activated widgets display to the right of the main content area. To reduce or remove the sidebar columns, you must change the page template from the default.

GW is committed to digital accessibility. If you experience a barrier that affects your ability to access content on this page, let us know via the Accessibility Feedback Form.