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HCOP is Hopping

Our Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) is up and running with 25 ambassadors from disadvantaged backgrounds. The first cohort includes 10 students in graduate programs, six in undergraduate programs, seven in community college, one in high school and one student who is applying to PA programs. In July, the ambassadors started a six-week summer program that provided education and training to help prepare them to pursue a degree and career in health sciences. The program covered three areas: academic and professional success, human disease and biomedical technologies and research/case study presentations. The majority of the program was online, but interested students could attend traditional sessions for the last three weeks. The summer program culminated with a group case study on current issues impacting medicine. Mentors for the ambassadors are still needed, so if you’re interested contact Reamer Bushardt or Blake Harrison, project manager.

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