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The Nashman Center staff has had useful conversations recently, stirred by the following share by Will Brummet, our Program Manager for Co-Curricular Programs.
"For those who are on Twitter or Instagram, the #BlackinIvory dominated the weekend as over 9,000 black faculty, staff, students, and administrators detailed their experiences in predominantly white university spaces and institutional structures. As a white staff member (#spoileralert), reading the thread of stories was challenging, enlightening, and humbly inspiring to do and be better, both individually and collectively as an institution, no matter how aware or unaware I was prior to reading some of the accounts.
This article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed. today is a conversation with the creators of the hashtag (Joy Melody Woods and Sharde  M. Davis), and I found it enlightening enough that I wanted to pass along to others. It's a good intro to the reason for the hashtag if you are not familiar, and if you did read stories this weekend, it's a good follow-up to see where the creators want to go from here with it. I just wanted to pass along in case other folks were also interested."

Campus Compact has issued a call for colleges and universities to take action in pursuit of equal justice, equal opportunity, and equal power for all. They also recommend that colleges and universities examine the circumstances in their own communities and take specific steps consistent with their stated values.

"In 2015, following an earlier wave of protests in response to police violence against African Americans, Campus Compact released a set of recommendations for ways colleges and universities can challenge injustice. Read more about what your campus can do to take action.
Read the recommendations >"


Many thanks to Dr. Maranda Ward for compiling and sharing this resource list:

The GW SGA president, Howard Brookins, and SGA vice president, Brandon Hill (two Black undergraduates) compiled an incredibly comprehensive Anti-racism Resource Guide. It includes antiracism books, articles, documentaries, toolkits, websites, and social media handles.
Without duplicating the resource guide above, here are some additional resources to consider sharing with your networks:

...continue reading "Resources on Anti-Racism"

Issues in Science and Technology is hosting a virtual town hall on May 27th, 2:45-3:45pm. Link here to register or view the event recording.

...continue reading "Virtual Town Hall May 27th: COVID-19 and the Mission of the US Public University"

In case you missed it, the Chronicle of Higher Education recently published this article, 15 Ways Colleges Are Mobilizing to Support Their Communities.

"As the pandemic has closed campuses, forcing higher education to reinvent itself, many colleges are also meeting this unprecedented moment with a renewed sense of purpose about their role in the community...."

Congratulations to Nashman Affiliate Faculty, Dr. Maranda Ward, who recently published a a research article on youth identity formation through participatory action research. To read the full article, click here.  

Dr. Ward used Promising Futures, the arts-based peer education program she developed, as her study site in conducting this research. Dr. Ward sought to understand how the identities of urban youth labeled as ‘at-risk’ was affected by their role as peer mentors for students traditionally labeled as ‘at-risk’ by academic standards.   

...continue reading "Participatory Action Research through Arts-based Research Methods"

JHEOE is an open access, peer-reviewed journal focused on advancing theory and practice related all forms of outreach and engagement between higher education institutions and communities. The latest issue is available at

Table of Contents:

...continue reading "New issue released: The Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement"

Read the latest issue of Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement, North CarolinaCampus Compact’s peer-reviewed, online journal, hosted by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  The journal is available online here.

All volumes (2009-2019) are archived and are available for download. Visit the Partnerships Archive.

...continue reading "Latest Issue Released, Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement"

"Most Americans now alive have experienced no more than one or two moments of nationwide unity. The oldest Americans remember the victory gardens and scrap-metal drives of World War II; Baby Boomers might recall the period of national mourning after John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963; many of us recall the wave of patriotism and flood of flags after 9/11. Someday, we may very well tell future generations about the spirit of 2020, the spring of the coronavirus, when we learned about social distancing and exponential spread."

Read the full article inThe Atlantic here.

...continue reading "“What Americans Are Doing Now is Beautiful”: COVID-19 and Americans In The Atlantic"

The Council on Undergraduate Research will be waiving their membership fee and allowing free access to all of their services until April 30th.  Setup your account here 

CUR, a membership organization that works to increase the undergraduate research capacity for faculty and students at campuses across the country, are aiming to provide greater assistance to both students and faculty during this difficult time. The organization provides an online community for support and collaboration. The membership also grants access to many journals and online resources 

This access comes at a great time in the semester, as final papers and projects are right around the corner. For students, the CUR membership could provide a plethora of resources to complete these assignments. It could even assist in finding a journal to submit a paper to for publishing.   

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity 

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