A New Adventure Awaits [Sherpa]

The Sherpa
The Sherpa

A student writes:

Dear Sherpa,
Thinking about how intense CI was, I feel overwhelmed and unsure about coming back to DC. Especially for more than just three days! I’m scared to leave the steady stream of fully planned and free meals that I have right now! I’m excited, but frankly I’m having second thoughts about being able to keep up with the pace of life in DC and GWU!
In tears,
Hesitantly DC Bound

Dear Hes,
Your concerns are valid and widely held; but don’t get yourself in hysterics over some highly energetic first impressions. CI is one crazy adventure, but it’s different from what your GW experience will most likely be. Which reminds me of my first GW experience…
An old associate of mine shared with me a story of hidden treasure, cryptic clues, and a quickly fading trail left by the founding fathers. The hunt brought me to George Washington University, (George being the only founding father with a research institution, I knew that I had to come here to research and track down the treasure.) One evening, I entrusted my plans to my best friend, Nicholas, and asked him to join me on my quest.
Early the next morning as I prepared to face my fears and set off in the political jungle that is DC, to my dismay, I realized Nicholas had stolen all of my maps and abandoned me. He left a note:

“I’m sorry to betray you, but I couldn’t resist. I am not a demon. I am a lizard, a shark, a heat-seeking panther. I want to be Bob Denver on acid playing the accordion. I’m going to use the treasure to take over the United States of America!”

Sherpa at the Monument
Sherpa at the Monument

Long story short, I single handedly climbed the Washington Monument, solved the puzzle to reveal a gap in the peak stones, found billions worth of treasure, and overcame my fear that my GW experience would be a perpetual Colonial Inauguration. DC is a city where your adventure can be whatever you make it. And while I beat Nicholas to the treasure, he beat me to the rights to our story (and made his own fortune telling his own highly adulterated version of it.)
The moral is: GW will be what you make it! It’s okay to feel anxious and uncertain. But your adventure awaits you here, and it will be whatever you make of it. Even if there are unforeseen obstacles, you can still find a way.  Luckily for you, you’ll have the support of the entire University behind you, including your advisor in the University Honors Program.
Good luck, and welcome to the jungle,
The Capital Saving Sherpa
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