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International Buddies Take on Baseball

For the first of its community building events, CCAS’ International Buddy Program took to Nationals Park for a baseball game against the Philadelphia Phillies on September 25th!

Most of us traveled there together on metro, getting the full experience of Nationals fanbase in the crowded waiting periods of public transportation and entrance lines. The stadium had its fair share of international food, but some of us couldn’t resist the classic hot dog or popcorn.

Baseball in of itself can alternate between slow moving and fast paced, and for many international students it was their first experience with the sport. Those of us who weren’t aware about the talk surrounding Phillies player Bryce Harper were soon educated by the boo’s of the crowd, as he used to play for the Nationals. We cheered and chatted and soaked up the evening.

It was a pleasant late September evening full of bright lights, food and community together! Looking forward to the next event.

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