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Climate Change Market and Finance Gains and Losses

Climate Change Market and Finance Gains and Losses


Climate justice accounts for one of the most challenging global governance goals. Curbing carbon emissions creates a prosperity versus sustainability predicament that pits today’s generation against future world inhabitants.

The Mapping Climate Justice Project innovatively calculated the macroeconomic gains and losses of a warming globe in order to derive inferences what countries will be gaining and what countries are prospected to be losing from climate change.  Based on climate-related GDP prospects around the world until 2100, the data reviews what industries in what countries are expected to grow.  The Columbia University hosted part of the project has advocated for redistributing these gains into the climate change losing areas in order to offset costs for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

At George Washington University Center for International Business Education and Research, the 'Mapping Climate Change Market Gains and Losses' Project enlightens in academic papers and concrete policy memos (1) how climate change will shape the nature of international business and the financial sector in the future and (2) how climate change will contribute to market and finance competitiveness in the domains of institutions, policies and development in international business.

'Intergenerational Responsibility in the 21st Century'

Book release at George Washington University

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