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2017 Winners

Gold Award Winners

  • Raphael Angieri          李少轩 - Georgetown University
  • Jaebok Lee                  李在馥  - Georgetown University

Silver Award Winners

  • Sarah Mack                   孟欣怡 - Georgetown University
  • Emily Pearson-Beck     李美丽 - The College of William & Mary
  • Heather McDonough  马涵 - University of Richmond
  • James Olsen                  吴杰 - The George Washington University
  • Alexandra Yes               史安諒 - The University of Virginia
  • Corrine Perloski            白诗捷 - University of Maryland - College Park

Bronze Award Winners

  • Parker Malarkey           佩东 - George Mason University
  • Mary Babamento         白玫 - The College of William & Mary
  • Emily Olsen                    孙明意 - George Mason University
  • Mai Nguyen                    阮玉铃 - Liberty University
  • Minji Kim                        金玟志 - The George Washington University
  • Eliana Duran                  段丽娜 - American University
  • Harris Albritton              张明 - Liberty University

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