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2013 Winners

Gold Award Winners

  • Jonathan Weinstein    魏思覃 – University of Virginia
  • Samuel Gruber            顾善博 – University of Virginia
  • Mark Schaefer             舒民可 – The George Washington University

Silver Award Winners

  • Corey Katz                   高立伟 – The George Washington University
  • Daniel Justus               姜天宁 – University of Virginia
  • Enrique Granados      高伟 – Georgetown University
  • Julian Downey             朱立安 – American University

Bronze Award Winners

  • Katerine Landau         蓝豆– Georgetown University
  • Christopher Wing       温彦斌 – Georgetown University
  • Petra Wagner              白翠雅 – University of Virginia
  • Youngsik Shin             申瑛湜 – Georgetown University
  • Daniel Rice                  李东晟 – The George Washington University
  • Jung Jewon                  郑在媛 – University of Virginia
  • Andrew Toney            唐安 – University of Maryland - College Park
  • Robert Green              顾伟立 – The George Washington University
  • Hana Park                   朴菡娜 – American University

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