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By abbymarco

There’s something about completely immersing yourself in a new culture that really makes you take a step back and look at yourself- your life at home, your actions, your belief system- in an entirely new light. Living in a society so different than your own makes you acutely aware of how you appear to the rest of the world, intentionally or not.

Now that I’ve spent two months in Morocco, I feel as if I have learned more about myself and my own culture than I would have expected; I thought I was coming here to learn about a new culture (I’m doing that too, don’t worry), not my own!

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By abbymarco

As an English-speaking, white woman in the United States, I have never in my life been a true minority anywhere. Of course, I have taken gender, race, and minority classes and have learned about the experiences of minorities—I am a Human Services and Social Justice major, after all-- but there is something to be said of living that role yourself. In Morocco, women certainly do not enjoy the same luxuries as women in the United States, especially as a visiting American woman who does not speak either of the common Moroccan languages of Darija or French. An inability to speak these languages in Morocco is essentially the equivalent of being illiterate.

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